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12 november 2020

Trotz meiner anfänglichen Begeisterung hat sich die App beim zweiten Hinsehen für mich als nicht verwendbar erwiesen! Habe keinerlei Möglichkeiten gefunden, die App entsprechend den Anforderungen der DSGVO konfigurieren zu können! Somit sehe ich von einem Einsatz ab (Risiko einer Abmahnung ist mir zu hoch!). Überhaupt habe ich kein Plugin finden können, was diesen Anspruch überhaupt erfüllt! Da bleibt wohl nur der Weg über den Google Tag-Manager und entsprechende Anbieter von CMP.

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5 november 2020

Helpcenter in the App is not working and the Cookie Bar shows in Switzerland also, that isn't part of the EU. I found that out after 2 months and never wanted my swiss customers to see that, because i know it has impact on the conversion, even if its low. But because of the missinformation i didn't knew it.

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 3 månader
Redigerat 2 september 2020

Cookie bar keeps showing when I visit it from the US, even though I have the "show in EU only" option on. So it's probably showing in other countries unnecessarily, too. Emailed for help, but got an auto reply that said they don't provide email support.

Royale with Tees
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12 november 2019

the cookie bar doesn't show up half the time.Not sure why it only shows up once in a while.anyone else have this issue?

Tid som ägnats åt att använda appen: 6 dagar
Booster Apps svarade 12 november 2019

Hi there - if you'd like to email I'll make sure this is solved for you right away. This is most likely due to the fact that the cookie bar is being accepted and then hidden by the app. Using the preview function or clearing your browser cookies will make sure this is seen everytime while testing. Cheers Stuart

18 oktober 2019

App those what it meant! But the problem is that i set up "Show banner just for EU countries" option.. but it still shows on non EU countries and is affecting my CR.

It appears in US and Latam.

Wanda Supply
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10 juli 2019

Not sure yet, but seems ok! Even though we linked to a privacy policy page, it seems that changes in the app are not saved.

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Redigerat 23 juni 2019

Im cheking it out, Cant say its good or bad.. Need time.. Its not really nice to give a review as a must before using it-

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Redigerat 31 maj 2019

I don't see the banner guys where is the banner, I enabled but I don't see banner ...

Hundred Trendz
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23 maj 2019

yea me han obligado ah escribir esto para que no salgan anuncios jeje pero bueno tampoco son muchas palabras asi que ya.

Shein Vip
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13 maj 2019

l'application ne s'installe pas et ne laisse rien paraître sur le site moi qui me faisait une joie de pouvoir proposer le consentement à mes visiteur

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