Booster: EU Cookie Bar GDPR

Booster: EU Cookie Bar GDPR

作成: Booster Apps

Provide a cookie banner to EU customers. GDPR consent

Cookie consent bar for GDPR

Comply with EU law and display a GDPR cookie consent bar to your store visitors.

One-Click Cookie & GDPR bar

One step towards more security for your visitors. Fully customizable GDPR.

Cookie compliance - GDPR

Premium cookie banner for your store in minutes.

Booster: EU Cookie Bar GDPRの詳細情報

Instant cookie compliance with EU law in one click

Ensure you are in compliance with the GDPR European Cookie Law.

EU Cookie Bar will present your customers with a banner informing them that your store is using cookies. Once the customer agrees to the terms the banner will be hidden from that customer.

Present customers with your cookie policy page to fully comply with EU the EU Cookie Law

Who needs this app?

If you have customers from the European Union you will need to provide your customers with a cookie policy on your store.


  • Cookie consent bar CSS optimized for responsive designs
  • Customizable content
  • GDPR
  • Hide the cookie banner automatically
  • Fully customizable design to fit your brand
  • One-click install

What can the App do?

  • The app uses a popular open-source plugin (Osano) to provide the GDPR banner for your store.
  • The app was one of the first apps to use the Shopify Consent API to pass consent information back to Shopify.

What can the App NOT do?

  • The app can not automatically block cookies if a visitor declines to accept cookies.

Note on Compliance

*Using the app does not guarantee that your store is fully compliant with GDPR or other cookie policies* The app places the open-source plugin on your store and passes information to Shopify's consent tracking. We are not responsible for handling your GDPR.








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BSM Fashion

good application fot shopify .........................................................................

KATŌ Zahnpflege

DISCLAIMER: APP NON-COMPLIANT WITH GERMAN JURISDICTION. Great app, easy to install and to set up, fully customizable! However, please note that the app is non-compliant with German/EU data protection legislation, which requires the customers to be able to refuse all cookies and to adjust which cookies to be used. The app will only add a one-choice-banner to your store with the only option being "accept", i.e. customers cannot refuse or adjust cookies. Had to uninstall it for this reason. Keep up the good work, though!

Duall Shop

muito bom mesmo, eu gostei de mais ele realmente supri o combinado sem enrolação, parabéns aos criadores



Fico feliz em saber que você gostou do nosso aplicativo! 🙂 Nós realmente apreciamos você usá-lo. Se você precisar de alguma coisa, basta nos avisar. Atenciosamente, Kevin