GDPR Cookie Compiler

GDPR Cookie Compiler

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Get GDPR Cookie Compliance Easier

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Fully Customizable Design

With a fully customizable design, Cookie Banner will fit the design of your site. Choose colors, size, fonts.

Multi Language + EU Countries

GDPR Cookie Complier Support All languages and have Feature to display banner only to EU countries

Absolutely free

No hidden costs. Free forever.

GDPR Cookie Compiler 정보

Why EU cookie compiler?

  • Easy Installation, Requires No Editing
  • Fully Customizable Banner, Requires No Editing
  • Works With Any and Every Kind of Theme

EU cookie compiler benefits you with store compliance. It helps to adapts site to the European Regulations and displays a banner about the Cookie Policy.

From now you can just ensure total compliance in regard to EU cookie just with this easy to use app. It just takes one click to adhere to the compliance. If you are planning to hire developers to ensure adhering to EU compliance with your app, our app just can save the entire cost and energy. From now on just with as much effort as a single click you can be in compliance with European Cookie Law.

EU cookie compiler will inform all your customers through a banner that your online store or app is using cookies and is working with the EU guidelines. As soon as the customer agrees to the respective terms mentioned in the banner it will be taken off from the screen view.

Merchant will be able to do following activities:

  • Our app is fully responsive with optimised CSS to fit into any screen
  • We allow using contents in the banner as you like it to be
  • Your customers can easily hide the banner
  • The design of the banner is fully customizable just as it suits to your brand
  • It takes just a click to install our app.

Operating globally and having presence in the US and Europe, we boast off an expertise driven and experienced development and support team who has developed numerous successful apps for Shopify platform and other frontline ecommerce platforms.

Want to know more about EU cookie compiler? Feel free to get in touch with us.

Have a first hand experience of our FREE trial version before making EU cookie compiler your trusted partner to deal with the EU cookie law compliance.

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  • Cookie Consent Bar + Preference Popup
  • Consent tracking
  • Customizable Banner Design
  • Show GDPR banner to only EU countries

Premium plan


  • All Free plan's features
  • Dynamic ePrivacy Page
  • Download customers data (CSV)
  • Requests Fulfillment
  • Update/Delete GDPR Requests Reports

* 모든 비용은 USD로 청구됩니다.
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Exodus Beauty

I downloaded this app to replace a similar one that didn't provide any customization support on mobile devices. The support is really good and prompt. The app looks much better than what I had before. Will definitely recommend it.


I have used this app and it is very helpful. The App is very user-friendly and easy to configure. Thanks for the App Team

Crescendo Philippines

Very good app! and nice functionality and features, this definitely helped my shopify website give cookies consent to it's customers.