Event Management With Tickets

Event Management With Tickets


Manage Events and Sell Tickets



Create and Manage Event As You Want

Dynamic Calendar

Preview Your Event Listing With Fully Dynamic Calendar

Customer's Event

Allow Your Customer to Create and Listing Event On Your Website.

有關 Event Management With Tickets

Event Management App Content

  • An unmatched event management with superlative features to manage your events

Customers Can Create Events

  • The event management app allows customers to create their events and it will be listed once the admin approves it.

Online Ticket Bookings

  • Subscribers can book tickets and pay online. The app also supports RSVP and you can see who all are attending the event.

User-Friendly Design and Features

  • The Event Management app is easy to use, seamless, and has smooth navigation for users. It offers an unparalleled user experience to the customers.

About The Event Management App

  • If you are an event organizer, you need to update with the time and learn new techniques and ways to reach out to your target audience. An event calendar app is the smartest way to let people know about the events held by you. Furthermore, the app allows users to create their events too.

  • Some of the features of this Event Management App are:

Admin Side Features:

  1. All events are listed on the dynamic calendar.
  2. An admin can create events and can also manage tickets for all approved events.
  3. An admin has a right to approve or reject the event created by the customers.
  4. A smart dashboard that allows the admin to view all events, approved events, and pending events.
  5. An admin can manage events by categories such as food events, festival events, concerts, etc.
  6. Also, an admin can create, delete, and update these categories.

Customer Side Features:

  1. The customer can see all the events on the dynamic calendar.
  2. The customer can create an event that will be visible once the admin approves it.
  3. Upon creating an event, the customer will get an email notification.
  4. Also, the customer will get an email notification when the event is approved or rejected by the admin.
  5. The customer can book tickets for events through an app.

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