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31. Januar 2024

Works well for us. Once everything is setup it makes my life so much easier. Every question I've had they have had an answer and helped me quickly. Thank you!

Southampton Motor Speedway
Vereinigte Staaten
5 monate mit der App
11. Januar 2024

Tickets lassen sich nicht herunterladen. Support reagiert nur mit Standard-Antworten.

Stephan Heinrich
Etwa 2 jahre mit der App
25. Oktober 2023

WOOOHOOO! Guest Manager rocked!
As the Director of Pacific Bitcoin Festival, I was nervous to move away from TIXR who we worked with previously.

TIXR treated us well and had really good client service. That said, we decided to move to Shopify with Guest Manager to lower fees and be better able to control the website experience, customer buying and upgrade experience, and the check-in experience.

It was a scary decision to move away from a big dog, to what is (at this point) a lessen-known option.

That said, we had NO problems at all with check in using Guest Manager. Everyone was amazed. Our staff and volunteers were able to easily download the app on their phone, or use an ipad.

The search option works really well, making it easy to problem solve if someone forgot to bring their ticket.

We had NO issues at check in. Everyone was thrilled.

Thank you Guest Manager!

[Additional details: This was a year two event in 2023. We had about 1200 people attend. Speakers. Sponsors. GA. VIP. Volunteers. Staff. We also had several smaller side events and used Guest Manager for all our events]

Pacific Bitcoin Festival
Vereinigte Staaten
7 monate mit der App
7. Oktober 2023

Event Ticketing never fell short before and during our events. Always exciting when thousands of people are coming in. Also always super satisfied when our check-ins go smooth and fast. Thanks for the great support!

Vrijstaat A
4 monate mit der App
26. Oktober 2023

Great app for ticketed events. It's easy to use and set up, and customer service has been prompt and super helpful.

Downtown Whitby Beer Fest
5 monate mit der App
7. Februar 2024

This app has been a great asset for our business, making keep things organized in our back end so we can get more folks into our workshops. Without this, it would be much more chaotic for our 100+ events a month!

Had an issues with refunding credits to a customer, Jeff figured out a fix and implemented it in less than 30 minutes.

Bonsai Bar
Vereinigte Staaten
2. Mai 2023

Prompt customer service to urgent issues we had due to our mistake. Jeff solved it quickly and we were back and selling tickets.

The app in general is excellent for event companies and hv many customisation. Our staff also enjoys using the scanner, it is faster and can also do offline scanning.

overall 100/100

The Chocolate Men
Vereinigtes Königreich
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
4. Mai 2023

We run brewery tours and this simple, easy to use app is perfect way to run our ticketing. Support via a messaging facility is quick and always mega helpful. Recomended.

The Runaway Brewery
Vereinigtes Königreich
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
6. Februar 2024

Great for selling tickets for small and big events! Also a very fast and helpfull support! Definitly recommended :-)

Holzkunst Scholz Marketing GmbH
7. Februar 2024

Phenomenal app. Support is just a DM away.

Orris Labs Custom Perfume Workshop