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8. Januar 2024

I needed to add a simple events list to my website, and this app was perfect for that! It was easy to put together, and can even link to the google maps location of each event.

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2 monate mit der App
24. Februar 2024

It works great so far. Easy to use and to install

Art by Anna-Lena
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8 minuten mit der App
22. Juli 2015

Super clean, super easy, and super responsive customer service!

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13. April 2016

We love this little calendar. Lots of great features for adding details about upcoming events.

Keweenaw Coffee
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Fast 5 jahre mit der App
Bearbeitet am 31. Juli 2019

Just what I needed! Unlike most Shopify apps, there is a lot of customization & features right out of the box! I am especially fond of the ability to display the events as a list instead of a calendar.

Pocket Sushi
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Bearbeitet am 5. November 2019

this app requires payment of $8/mo in order to access custom fonts, none of which are standard fonts you're likely to be using already on your shopify theme.

there is also NO WAY TO WRAP TEXT so if your event title is longer than a few characters, it will be broken off. for instance, it cut off "black friday sale" on my calendar.

very disappointed, especially as this is the only app of its type that seems available on the app store :-( i would NOT recommend purchasing this app.

gentle thrills
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Etwa 4 jahre mit der App
12. April 2015

User-friendly! Our volunteers use the Inffuse Events Calendar app with ease! The duplicate event feature is great and easily allows us to post our multiple-day events. The customization features include custom colour, so we can be consistent with our brand - a great touch! Thanks Inffuse!

Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre
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11. Februar 2019

I am not sure about this APP, emailed them many times , with no support. I paid $7 a month for unlimited support. I get emails from them saying that they got my email, that is about it, I am giving them a thumbs down.

Furniture Facelift by Kobi
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inlight labs hat geantwortet 19. Mai 2019

Hello and apologies for the inconvenience!

I do see that we have received and replied to multiple tickets, and I'm happy to see our calendar seems to be running properly on your website. We have reached out over email to see if any further help is required. Thank you for being our customer!

8. August 2016

This is great for a simple events calendar, but the calendar loads very slowly.

Elevated Candles
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3. März 2016

We are very please with the final results of this app. Super easy set up and great customer service. It works perfectly for us!

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