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Manage all Partnerships: Affiliate, Influencer, and Mobile

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Unlock Partnership Performance

Manage and drive performance from every type of partnerships: Affiliates, Influencers, In-App, Referrals, and Media Buying Channels.

No Setup Required

This app automatically connects your Shopify Store and Everflow Platform. Allowing you to instantly enable click and conversion tracking.

Clickless Tracking

Track using two methods: Direct Linking - Track when users reach your store. Coupon Code URLs - Track through unique destination pages.

Om Everflow

About Everflow - Partner Marketing Platform

This app lets you instantly integrate your Shopify store with the Everflow platform for tracking and managing every type of performance partnership.

Say Goodbye to Messy Affiliate Links

Everflow's powerful Direct Linking functionality allows you to track performance when users reach your website. Unlocking an effective way to drive and understand performance from influencers, affiliates, Facebook and Google Ads.

Track > Manage > Analyze > Pay

Everflow provides you everything you need to build out your affiliate management program and track performance from influencers.

Seamless Integration

This app connects your store, allowing you to instantly enable your click and conversion tracking setup across your store.

Drive Mobile & Digital Performance

Everflow was designed to handle the complexities of mobile and digital, ensuring you don't miss out on the massive amount of purchases through mobile devices.

Deep Reporting

Quickly see a breakdown of your data for any important metrics. View the exact placements and cities that are delivering the best results from your affiliate and influencer traffic.

Stop Fraud in its Tracks

Smart tools for automatically catching and blocking placements that drive low quality or fraudulent traffic.

Full API Access & White Label

Everflow provides you with a powerful platform for the challenges you're facing today, and when you've grown 10X that in the future. The platform can be fully white labeled and all of your data can be pushed/pulled via API as your business grows more complex.

Customer Service Comes First

All new clients receive full onboarding training to make sure your team is prepared for launching your new Partner Marketing Program. Once you're launched, you can always reach our veteran Customer Success team and via in-platform live chat.

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Mandatory Training and Onboarding: $350. We will provide you with a customer success manager and a plan for launching.

  • Up to 50K clicks per month

  • Full access to all features and support

  • Track Partners, Conversions and Events

  • Includes One Free Domain with SSL

Connect Platform


  • Working with partners using Everflow? This app allows you to quickly connect your store to their platform and instantly set up all tracking.

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5.0 af 5 stjerner

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Rising Springs

We are so stoked for this! This app is great for seamlessly tracking affiliates through your Shopify store, and Everflow is THE BEST platform out there! The integration is quick and user friendly, and the customer service is the best in the biz!

Rootz Nutrition

Love it. Highly recommend for anyone looking to track affiliate traffic. This is by far the most user friendly platform we have come across


You will find no better tracking software out there. Any company that says they compete with Everflow is wrong. I have been in this space for 20 years and no tracking software will compete.