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The Antique Ring Shop

Very helpful app and a very helpful Swati at the customer service end. She really helped me a lot with both info and practical stuff.


Great app and great support. There is occasional downtime for our reviews page but other than that we have not had any issues. It's nice that we can have literally all of our reviews displayed at once.


Excellent app & support from Kemi and his team. Almost a perfect app for testimonials and product reviews :)

Malabar Trading Company

After some initial glitches after installation, the program worked fine. Quick response to correct the issues, which I greatly appreciated.


so far looks pretty easy to use!

Nikki Mallory

*Updated Review* So far so good! I had issues adding the testimonials to a page on my shop in addition to installing it altogether...customer service has been SO VERY helpful with all of it. They took over and fixed my issues on 2 seperate days within minutes each time. This app is extremely easy to navigate, adding testimonials is quick+simple and it looks perfect on my site. Just what I needed.


We began using the Testimonials Showcase app a couple of months ago. Overall, we're very happy with it! The customer service has been excellent, and the app does exactly what we need it to do. You can view how it looks on our store here https://highsocietycanine.com/


Good product for its price. Responsive support. Reviews are not notified so unless you go to the App to check you will not know. An email notification would be a great enhancement. I would also like to see the ability to random sort reviews automatically.


The app is very basic, and very easy to use. It allows customers or you as an admin to enter testimonials which can be embedded on the homepage which you scroll through, and/or on an independent testimonials page. Overall, it works pretty well and offers what I'm looking for for a good price. Here are the downsides

1. Very few things you can customize. They have a few different templates for the reviews, and you are not able to edit them. Some colours you can change, but some you can't. Can't edit slide speed (you can only enable/disable it altogether)

2. Had some theme-specific issues with integration. The testimonial script was partially overlaying my footer and could not fix this without liquid code modifications

3. There are some bugs. For example, it doesn't populate apostrophes in the text. They'll automatically be removed. Also had title-naming related issues. Wasn't allowing me to put 'Testimonials' as a title but other titles working fine.

Overall a good basic app though