Exact Online Connector

Exact Online Connector

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Connect your store with your Exact Online financial account

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Automate orders and refunds

Orders and Refund requests from Shopify are automatically transferred and processed in your Exact Online account

Automatic printing of invoices

Invoices are automatically printed in Exact Online so the booking is immediately visible in the accompanied Ledger Account.

Multi-shop possible

Connect a single Exact Online division with multiple shops (in case of multilingual shops). Copy/paste the tokens and your are ready to go

Exact Online Connectorの詳細情報

Connect your shop with your finance system Exact Online. Orders are automatically processed from Shopify to your Exact Online account as Sales order and/or Sales invoices. Refunds are automatically processed with Exact Online and will end up as a Credit invoice in your Exact Online account.

Based on the subscription that you have with Exact Online additional processes are applied. No need to copy or paste data from Shopify to Exact Online or vice versa. It is fully automated.

Exact Online Accounting

  • Create a Sales Invoice in Exact Online for each Shopify order
  • Create a Credit Sales Invoice in Exact Online for each Shopify refund

Exact Online Wholesale Distribution

  • Create a Sales order and Sales invoice in Exact Online for each Shopify order
  • Create a Credit Sales Invoice in Exact Online for each Shopify refund
  • Create a Goods delivery in Exact Online that mutates your Items' stock when a fulfilment comes in

Additional data

In order to create all these entries in Exact Online. Additional data is needed in Exact Online. Every time a new order comes in we will also record this data in Exact Online (if not present): * Customer data (based on the email address of the customer) * Product data (based on the SKU of the product)

Setup tax rules per shipping country

Per shipping country it is possible to setup a tax rule. When using Exact Online Accounting it is even possible to setup a Ledger code per country.

Point of Sale

Note that the app is not functioning yet with Point of Sale. We are working on this

Integration with Channable

The app integrates with the Channable App. Orders placed through Channable will be processed properly (including the external order reference)


  • Exact Online



料金 30日間の無料体験

EO Accounting


  • Compatible with Exact Online Accounting
  • Sales invoices (orders)
  • Credit sales invoices (refunds)

EO Wholesale


  • Compatible with Exact Online Wholesale
  • Sales orders and invoices (orders)
  • Credit Sales orders (refunds)
  • Stock mutations (fulfillments)

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Brilliant App; Well done guys! Coming from a manufacturing, multi-company environment - Code makes it all so easy and smooth.


Didn't work properly, i wrote 3 emails but not a single response from the developer. not recommended.



We are very sorry to hear that.

We would like to help you with the integration of the app. We replied a couple of times on your emails so if you want we can help you with the integration so you can use the app!