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Dropshipping with source agents, safer, and more choices

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Verify Tracking Information

FbAli works with YunExpress, 4PX and other Chinese shipping company. No more cheating on un-valid trackings, and updaing in real-time

Work with Many Vendors

FbAli will send new orders instantly to multiple vendors depends on the products allocating. No more manual spreadsheets

Efficient Collaboration

FbAli supports CN-version, where your vendor can work on the fulfilments, invoice calculation, after-service handle and so many other works

Über FbAli

Why not connecting with CN ERP such as DianXiaoMi:

  1. Data Security: DianXiaoMi know all of your sales data, including your customers and price. They will sell these data to other merchants to seize the market.
  2. Shipping Verification: CN source agents could update tracking number with DianXiaoMi in 1 mintues, but it doesn't mean they ship the parcel out
  3. Wrong Accountant: DianXiaoMi is an ERP system within the team, your sales != CN source agent sales.


Work with multiple source agents

FbAli supports source agents managements, and automatically order allocation.

Tracking information validation and updating

FbAli cooperated with many Chinese shipping companies, including 4PX, YunExpress, YanWen and so on, our algorithm will valid the parcel real situation depending on the shipping company data, then we the tracking information will be updated in real-time.

Data Security

Your own database, all the data will be stored on Amazon cloud with independent database. And FbAli will filter the email information out before the data will be passed to source agents.

Efficient Collaboration

  1. No more email after-serivce processing, just one click, the requests of after-service will be passed to source agents.
  2. No more manual accounting, the cost of every details will be calculated automatically.
  3. No more matching, only one click, your vendor will receive your sourcing products.
  4. No more google sheet, FbAli + CN-FbAli, your exclusive cooperation platform. #Source Agent Information Verification After CN source agent completed register for CN-FbAli, our team will verify the company's information

How to use:

Just completing the install, and there are detailed set-up videos. We are also here 24/7/365





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