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13. Oktober 2023

Quite literally an essential app. Our store has over 16,000 SKUs and without Matrixify we would have to devote countless hours to managing the catalog. Matrixify makes it a breeze. Super quick to easily add tags, collections, metafields etc It gives you complete control and is very easy to use with great documentation which covers everything you would need and more.

Timepieces International
Vereinigte Staaten
Fast 4 jahre mit der App
ITissible hat geantwortet 14. Oktober 2023

Wow, thank you for your incredible review!
From our whole team - thank you for sharing that breeze with the world… 🫶

Founding Engineer

31. Oktober 2023

Once you understand the power and the beauty of this app you will never go back. We've been using this app for years (from the Excelify era) and we manage several brand stores, as well as several language stores this app is invaluable for the day-to-day workings of all areas of the business.
The investment and time that goes into constantly evolving and improving this amazing bit of kit is worth getting on board with. Kudos to you all!

Vereinigtes Königreich
Mehr als 3 jahre mit der App
ITissible hat geantwortet 1. November 2023

Wise words, indeed!
Thank you so much for your amazing review - really appreciated by our whole team. Kudos to you, too! 👌

Founding Engineer

5. Oktober 2023

Great app for our store, we use it multiple times each day to update products on the store from our internal database - very quick, versatile and reliable. Also use for bespoke exports and imports. Support is great. A must for our store

Mehr als 4 jahre mit der App
ITissible hat geantwortet 6. Oktober 2023

Very sincerely - thank you for taking your time and writing this review.
From our whole team. 🙏
Sounds like you use the Matrixify exactly as it's intended to. 👌
Our Support is super happy to be appreciated - they really try hard every day to help Merchants.

Founding Engineer

23. November 2023

Reliable and flexible data transfer, an essential to the running of our store. From initial conversion and import of data, to daily and regular reporting and processes, Matrixify has unlocked all our needs to access data and interface with other systems, customised to our specific needs.

SwiSh basketball
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Mehr als 4 jahre mit der App
ITissible hat geantwortet 24. November 2023

Thank you for your remarkable review - from our whole team. We are truly grateful for the oportunity to do and be all those things for you.
Working every day to make Matrixify better and better. 👌

Founding Engineer

27. September 2023

I've been using Matrixify for about 2 years now. Excellent product! Excellent support team! Thanks guys, your product does everything it should.

Style Finish Design Pty Ltd
Etwa 5 jahre mit der App
ITissible hat geantwortet 28. September 2023

Actually, you are using our app much longer than 2 years 🤫.
Really appreciating your review and that we have been able to do good for you and hopefully will continue for long time in the future. 👌

Founding Engineer

30. Oktober 2023

An essential app for Shopify. We've used it daily for over 2 years.
So easy to use and very powerful.
It's better to use one of the (fairly affordable) pricing plans however having a free option is a great way to test it first.
I wish the documentation was more extensive as I'm sure there is more it can do for us, like setting the default options for imports.

Pacific Laboratory Products
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
ITissible hat geantwortet 1. November 2023

Thank you so much for your long-term trust in Matrixify app, and for your kind words. 🙏

As for the documentation - we have quite an extensive documentation about each tiny aspect of the app on our website That also includes hundreds of tutorials of what you can do with it.

About setting the default options for imports - that's an interesting suggestion, as you cannot do that at the moment. We will write you from our Support some additional clarifying questions to see how can we solve it for you.
If you are missing another specific explanation, please, tell our Support as well, we will be happy to document that.

Founding Engineer

3. November 2023

Exporting/Importing something is way cleaner and better and more freedom to do stuff with this app. Hands down 5 stars because it simply works the way you expect it to be. And the support team is really good and fast. Oh also, the tutorials deserve a special mention.

11 monate mit der App
ITissible hat geantwortet 4. November 2023

Wow, thank you for a thousand years for appreciating what we are building - we really try to match your expectations, and put a serious attention on the support and tutorials.
Really awesome to have you here! 🥹
Wishing you all the success in your business from our whole team! 🫶

Founding Engineer

6. Oktober 2023

There are 2 must have apps. Matrixify and Metafields Guru. Frankly the features of both should be native to Shopify they are so essential but I appreciate both companies for making Shopify GREAT.

Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 4 jahre mit der App
ITissible hat geantwortet 7. Oktober 2023

We are part Shopify - in our mind, heart and complete service for you. To be as much part of your whole Shopify experience as realistically possible.
But yes - I see what you mean, to have those features included in Admin for free. The fact that those are not free features, is in fact what makes those features GREAT, because that is an economically sustainable way to work on those features daily, and improve - infinitely. I really hope this is a fair value exchange on all sides. 👌

Thank you from our whole team for choosing and appreciating our work. 🫶

Founding Engineer

1. November 2023

I love the wide range of functionality that Matrixify offers. I can import and export virtually anything to and from Shopify. Where Shopify cannot import/export data, Matrixify fills the gaps. Highly recommend.

Vereinigte Staaten
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
ITissible hat geantwortet 2. November 2023

Thank you to the stars and back for your kind and gap-filling review! From our whole team! 🥹🙏

Founding Engineer

24. Oktober 2023

Just great! Super helpful and intuitive. Makes it also much easer to schedule certain promotions we have in our shop.

Flinterhoff - Für dich & mich
9 monate mit der App
ITissible hat geantwortet 25. Oktober 2023

Thank you so much for your review - it means a lot to our small, but very dedicated team... 🙏

Founding Engineer