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27 marzo 2023

Not working I canit able to delete orders and there is no any support after enterprise plan! Please remove such apps from shopify addp store !
Refund my money
ITissible ha risposto 27 marzo 2023


Matrixify is able to delete only those Orders that Shopify allows to delete. There are certain Orders that Shopify does not allow to delete, which, for example, are "brokered by Shopify" or using Shopify Payments. Matrixify tries to delete all the Orders that you request, just Shopify API fails to delete those which it does not allow to delete.

Please, collaborate with Matrixify Support to resolve this in a humane manner.
As you have not paid for the app yet, we have issued AppStore credits which should compensate you the paid amount.

Matrixify is a high-quality app with the good reputation in the Shopify ecosystem. Putting 1* review for this kind of issue seems very harsh penalty for the effort we are putting in the development and support of the app. If you will give us a chance, you will see. 🙏

Founding Engineer

16 marzo 2023

incredibly hard to use, support doesnt help at all. takes forever, tried for weeks couldnt even convert 1 simple draft. all i was provided was the same help faq page.

sucks bc shopify can't convert large drafts for some reason so they suggest this app which is impossible to use.

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ITissible ha risposto 17 marzo 2023


Ouch, this hurts incredibly.
Especially, because our Support is still waiting for you to respond to our questions, so that we can help you. Maybe we did not receive some latest responses from you?

Importing Draft Orders indeed takes some effort to understand correctly the import template, and prepare the data accordingly. That's because there is so much different attributes that you can possibly pass to Shopify. We made an import template that would accommodate it all, as simple as we could. Of course, you do not need to use all the fields and rows - just those that you need to create your version of Draft Orders.

Our Support team is always going extensive lengths to help, and this is very important that you respond.

Please, cooperate with our Support who is trying to reach you to help you do the import. 🙏

Founding Engineer

18 aprile 2022

Insanely slow. Takes me around 10 seconds per item, to extract the ID, Title and the value of a metafield. While exporting 300 items (~30 mins), it was faster for me to: a) Read Shopify's Admin API documentation; b) Create a private app in Shopify Admin; c) Write a loop to export the fields I needed in a NodeJS app, save it in a CSV file; and d) run my private app.
I'm pretty sure they slow it on purpose so you upgrade to the more pricey versions. It's sad because the UI is convenient.

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ITissible ha risposto 18 aprile 2022

Wow, that’s a really painful one. Especially because of such an accusation which is not true. We definitely do not make anything slower on purpose.
Before jumping to any conclusions that we do such a thing, please, contact our Support and allow to pinpoint where the exact issue is, and give us a chance to make it right.
Matrixify app has a 300% API speed increase by default, so you should be able to get a faster export speed with even the Matrixify Demo plan, compared to your own Private app.

We work tirelessly to provide a top service and the app to Shopify Merchants, and without an exception. Please, contact our Support, and let's investigate together why there is a time difference. There must be a rational explanation to it, and we will be very grateful if you help us to identify that.

Thanks so much!

UPDATE: Looking into your exports, we I can see you are exporting "Variant Metafields" instead of Product level Metafields. It means that we are fetching Metafields for each variant, which is definitely much slower than taking Metafields of a Product, because we need to request those metafields for each Variant of a Product. The more Variants you have for each Product, the more requests are needed to read them via the API. When doing the speed comparison, please, make sure you compare the same kinds of Metafields.

UPDATE: We can see earlier exports that you did, exporting Product level Metafields - that was working with speed 0.2 - 0.4 seconds per Product. Now you are exporting Variant Metafields, which makes 8 seconds per product, because there are many variants for your Products, and it takes additional API call for each variant. So it sounds like there is a misunderstanding for which Metafields export speeds are being compared.

Please, reach us to resolve this - we are trying to reach you, too.

UPDATE: We have tried reaching the Merchant for 3 weeks now, almost daily - to solve this issue/misunderstanding for them. The Merchant is not responding on any of the channels, we tried all we could find. When you report an issue, please, be prepared to work with us to solve it. Not being reachable for solving a reported issue is unethical.

UPDATE: The Merchant was not reachable for several months and did not pay attention to the root cause of this misunderstanding.

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