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20 november 2023

We love this app. Best thing since sliced bread. Saves a massive amount of time, especially with the size of our catalog and using meta fields.

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ITissible heeft geantwoord 21 november 2023

Hahaa, sliced bread is a good one! 🤪
Thanks so much, really! 🥹

Founding Engineer

27 augustus 2023

I can't believe we didn't find this sooner. Our business cannot function without this app! It took a bit to get the hang of importing products, but once we did it was truly amazing how much we could do by simply uploading a spreadsheet. I very highly recommend this to any company that has many products!

Cascade Crest Tools
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11 maanden gebruiken de app
ITissible heeft geantwoord 28 augustus 2023

Wow, thank indeed you for finding us!
Very happy to hear that we have hit the right notes with what Matrixify can help you with... 🙏👌
If anything, please, feel free to contact our Support team - we are happy to assist from simple to most advanced questions.

Founding Engineer

1 november 2023

Matrixify has been a lifesaver! We have 1000's of products and variants so managing could be a nightmare. Customisation of export data is fantastic. Well worth the investment - we couldn't work without it!

JackStock Haberdashery
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ITissible heeft geantwoord 3 november 2023

We couldn't be so happy without you and your great review!
Thank you so much - from our whole team!

Founding Engineer

Bewerkt 22 november 2023

Very practical and well designed. In addition, the Matrixify team has been very prompt and efficient in dealing with my specific query. Thank you!

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ITissible heeft geantwoord 26 oktober 2023

Thank you for your kind words and for appreciating our work! 🙏

Founding Engineer

24 november 2023

Thank you so much for the amazing app! Super useful and easy for bulk products importing and editing.

10 maanden gebruiken de app
ITissible heeft geantwoord 26 november 2023

What an amazing review this is - thank you so much for it, too!
From our whole team! 🙏

Founding Engineer

20 oktober 2023

I'd be lost without it. One of the best Import/Export tools in the market and absolutely a must-have for Shopify administration.

Benchmade Knife Co.
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8 maanden gebruiken de app
ITissible heeft geantwoord 21 oktober 2023

We'd be lost without you!
So it's a good match! 👌
Thank you for being with us!

Founding Engineer

14 november 2023

Can't live without it! Great product that just plain performs!

Rudy Project North America
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Ongeveer 5 jaar gebruiken de app
ITissible heeft geantwoord 15 november 2023

Wow, greatly appreciating your review!
Can't live without you, either! 🙏

Founding Engineer

8 augustus 2023

i'm not a developer (i'm magento 1.0 store owner moving to Shopify) - learning curve for Matrixify and Shopify steep for me, however i'm decent with Excel and already seeing how much more efficient it is to manage/edit/bulk import content using Matrixify. managing cart content has always been Achilles heel for me, & crazy how much easier Matrixify makes this - no more having to line up columns in Excel for file import (Matrixify does it), can enter simple text in product description (body html) for multiple products in Excel, & Matrixify formats to html, awesome! lots of tutorial docs (i read 2-3 times to understand but then i usually get it), & if i'm still stuck on something, Renars, Rebeka & Ieva email me back same day/next day. year from now, as i get better with it, expecting to be even more efficient managing cart content. love this app! Bob in Atlanta GA

Angel Direct Inc
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Ongeveer een jaar gebruiken de app
ITissible heeft geantwoord 10 augustus 2023

Hello, Bob!
It’s so amazing to be here for you. Thank you for your kindest words. The learning curve is steep indeed, because there is so much you can do with Matrixify - and we add features all the time. Also, we are very grateful that you are so patient to read the tutorials and really focus to understand our explanations - it makes so much easier to help you achieve your desired results.
Really honoured to work with you.
With our whole team, we wish you a great success moving to Shopify - and grow your business.

Founder & CEO

23 oktober 2023

This product was a life saver in converting our data from Quick Books to Shopify. We also had a large amount of customers to import from another program. This product was easy to use, had a great deal of flexibility and was even better than I had anticipated.

Cincinnati Nature Center - The Nature Shop
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28 dagen gebruiken de app
ITissible heeft geantwoord 24 oktober 2023

Amazing, thank you so much for your heart-warming review.
The whole team, we are here for you - with pleasure! 🫶

Founding Engineer

19 september 2023

Best Shopify app I have used. Direct sales order migration from a Woo site was extra helpful. After thorough research I didn't find any feasible alternatives to buying a subscription to this app for our data migration needs.

Diamondback B2B
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Ongeveer 2 maanden gebruiken de app
ITissible heeft geantwoord 20 september 2023

👌 Thank you for this very high praize of being the Best.
With our whole team, we don’t receive it lightly - but with the encouragement to keep up the hard work. 🙏

Founding Engineer