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Excellent tool, definitely saves me time to focus on more important tasks. I would recommend this app to anyone looking to save time with importing and exporting their Shopify products.

使用應用程式 20天

I am a software engineer myself and usually prefer to build my own apps rather than use those on the App Store because every time you get into edge case and need to do something tricky the app developers aren't there or their support team isn't on point.

Excelify is the exception. I took their support team 5 minutes to fix something that would probably have taken days with another app.

Excelify is easy to use and powerful. I will surely use this app in every store I build in the future.

使用應用程式 11天

Excelify is a great tool that allowed me to easily update in bulk all Shopify fields (including meta-fields) for Products, Discounts, Collections, etc...

The tool is very usable and the support is quick and very helpful.

Definitely a must tool for any website which need to import/export significant data!

Shredoptics Us Myshopify Com
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I thought it was free, so I pressed it, but it was signed.
Give me a refund. plese
I thought it was free, so I pressed it, but it was signed.
Give me a refund. plese

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ITissible 已回覆 2019年12月12日


Please, contact Excelify support to resolve this:
Thank you!



Awsome and Powerful app. A "must have" app for all shopify shops. I use it to remove images from a product in bulk, and that worked great.
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ITissible 已回覆 2019年5月28日

✌️Thank you so much for your kind words.
We really needed to hear those...
And the 5* - thousand times thank you!

Maris Founder


Updating this review because shortly after leaving it I received a phone call from support. That's pretty rare in my experience. So I'm changing to 5-stars because the app really did get the job done well.
Needed to export customers with 'multiple addresses' from one Shopify store to import into another. The export went great. A paid subscription is supposed to cover two stores but I could only import a maximum 10 customers at one time into the second store. Support was non-responsive to email and chat. Tired of waiting after 24 hours and needing to get the job done, I made 16 separate imports. The imported customers exactly matched the original store's customers. If it hadn't been for non-responsive support and multiple imports I would have given 5 stars.

Dishmaster Wholesale
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ITissible 已回覆 2020年4月8日


Wow, very very sorry this happened - I assure you, we always respond to all the tickets within a couple of hours of waking time.

As Renars have already reached you on the phone - this case was a chain of unfortunate events.
First is that there was some glitch why your linked store was not having the same plan as the sponsor store - usually that happens if one of the stores get uninstalled, or the store gets temporarily put on hold.
The other issue was that you didn't receive our e-mail response, which we sent 1 hour after you sent us.
E-mail is not guaranteed service, and it sometimes might not get delivered, so please, if we don't respond within a reasonable time, please, just assume that the reply was lost on the network, and try reaching us via different channel, like the Slack, or Online Chat:

Our whole team, we really are thankful you forgave us for this hickup.

Just in case, our chat is online right now, so we will be very thankful if there is anything else we can do for you to make it more right...

Excelify Founder


I have been out of the software loop since the .com boom! I had no idea how to get our large qualities of product from godaddy because they don’t offer cvs files for products but they do for everything else! This program saved me probably an unknown massive extended amount of hand entries! I had a couple hiccups and I was responded to promptly, in a courtesy manner AND a test run was done by the developer that showed it worked and I had missed a step. His program worked PERFECTLY AND SAVED SO MANY HOURS!!! In the end my issue was so simple. My mistake when I imported to the new site was that I just needed in log out about back insilly mistake and had nothing to do with this program. I only needed the program for the exporting of our products, but learning more and more about ALL the capabilities of this program and the Shopify website. I will be needed this for sure! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Dark Horse Limited
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ITissible 已回覆 2019年6月4日

Wow, Dark Horse!
Thank you so much for such a long and elaborate review!
We are super excited with out whole team to receive your kind words, and can’t wait to help you more if you need anything!

Renars is flying and says hi! ;)

Maris Veide
Excelify Founder


Im new to using this app but from what I can see Im really Impressed.I think with a little practice Ill get It down Its really going to help me out.
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Whether you have a lot of products, collections, pages or not, this thing is mega. Fills in all gaps in the vanilla platform. Shopify essential.

使用應用程式 6天

Maris is absolutely awesome! Walked me through step by step on how to import/export pretty much my entire store. I highly recommend this app for transferring bulk items. Support is phenomenal and couldn’t ask for more help, than what I received. 5/5 stars by far!

Ssdb Vinyl
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