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Bulk Import Export Update with Excel

Bulk Import Export Update with Excel

Developed by Excelify.io

36 reviews
Price: $20.00 – $200.00 / month More info
  • Use Excel files to import, export or update your store data: Products, Collections, Customers, Discounts, Orders, Pages, Metafields
  • Import and Export custom formats like Google Shopping, Amazon, SAP, AoB, migrate from other platforms
  • Schedule and auto-repeat imports at time intervals

This app is for you if you manage Shopify store data, you like precision, and you need to control the outcomes of
your work. Beneficial is if you know how to use Excel (or similar spreadsheets apps), or at least are willing to
learn those things.

Have you maxed out Shopify CSV file import and export capabilities?

If you have used Shopify CSV export and import feature, then this is your next level tool. If you feel like CSV
files and manual data entry limit you in any way - it is very likely that you will find your solution here.

Excelify.io app gives you great control over your store data

  1. Feed data to your store from any of your data sources.

  2. Update your existing store data by individual fields, without having to re-import

  3. Copy your store data to your other stores with just one Excel file.

You import the same structure Excel file as you export.

Download this Excel file
and use it as an example and as a template.

The app is updating your Store data on Shopify database, so you own your data at all times. Even after
you uninstall the app.

Just this one feature to import Collections in bulk will save you days of manual work

We know you spend too much time on creating and updating your Collections of products. You might be even paying
somebody to do that for you, and then re-check it yourself anyway, because of potential errors.

If you use Excelify.io for just this one thing - you have bought your precious time and sanity back. You will be
able to import and export collections yourself, if you decide to do so; and have a clear overview - what's inside
each of those collections by doing an export.

But this app does so much more than that

Whatever fields you see in your Shopify Admin, you are able to export and import them with Excelify.io.
You can bulk-update any of those fields individually or all together.

Orders, baby!

Yes, you can export and import Orders now, and you can copy them from one store to another with the same
export/import file.

Metafields still drive you crazy?

Having Metafields as just additional columns along with items they are attached to, makes your data whole, and you
can edit, add or delete them just as any other field values.

SEO metadata is also there.

Schedule and repeat your imports

  • Schedule the import to run later, or even repeat them at given time intervals.

  • Setup the import to be done just in time for your campaign.

  • For example: Schedule to update sale price on every Monday and put it back on Wednesday, or any other combinations.

Your store language is not plain English?

If you tried to import products or customers with CSV files in other language with special language encoding, you
know the pain. With Excel files your data will be imported correctly.

Some of additional results you can get with this same app:

Copy your whole store to another

All your exported store contents fit into that one exported Excel file. You can easily copy your store by just
importing that same exported Excel file to your other store.

Whichever plan you choose, you have one additional store included in the same price. Send your both store URLs to
our Support, and we will put them on the same plan.

See the tutorial: How
To Clone Your Shopify Store?

Export to other Marketplaces

You are in charge!

  • Specify, what data you want to export.

  • Track the progress - see the time it takes to finish any of your jobs, and how many items were created, updated
    or failed.

  • Cancel the process any time if you see you messed up something.

  • See detailed result for each item by downloading the file after the import has finished.

  • Backup your whole store by doing full export.


Detailed Format Documentation

Latest Updates

Mar 17, 2018: Schedule and repeat imports

Set the import to start at a certain date and time, and repeat it at given time intervals.

Mar 7, 2018: Export and import "Image Alt Text" for Collection images

Each collection can have one image. You can import and export "Image Alt Text" for those images - great for your
store SEO.

Mar 3, 2018: Export and import Line Item Properties for Orders

You know those additional attributes that you can pass from product and checkout pages? You can export and import
them now, too.

Feb 14, 2018: Filter Products by SKU fragment

You can filter Products – to export only those, which contain fragments of SKU.
To filter by several fragments, split them by comma.

Feb 12, 2018: Update and Delete Products by SKU

You can identify Products by having just the "Variant SKU" column - to bulk update or delete Variants or entire

Feb 5, 2018: Command: NEW, UPDATE, REPLACE, DELETE

In the "Command" column you can specify for each item what to do with it: NEW, UPDATE, REPLACE, DELETE. Now you can
bulk-delete anything.

Feb 1, 2018: Orders import

You can now not only export, but also import Orders to your store.

Jan 16, 2018: Option to remove images from Body HTML descriptions when importing

If you need to remove images from product descriptions, check the box under Options button when importing.

Jan 13, 2018: Fixed mysterious errors that were appearing time after time

Field [metafields.key]: must be unique within this namespace on this resource; product_id prefix_option is missing;
end of file reached.

Jan 10, 2018: Update Product Variants by SKU, by Barcode or by Variant Options

When you need to update variant data, you just need Product Handles, and then - SKU, Barcode, or just option values
that are used for variant - smart MERGE will find that variant and update its fields.

Jan 9, 2018: Export to Amazon

Export your Shopify products to Amazon Inventory Flat File, which you can import in Amazon Seller Central and sell
your Shopify products there.

Jan 5, 2018: "Image Command" for Product images

Never lose images by accident. You can provide the command for each image to tell, what to do with that: MERGE,
DELETE, REPLACE. MERGE is the default.

Dec 28, 2017: "Variant Command" for Product variants

You can provide the command for each variant to tell, what to do with that variant row: MERGE, DELETE, REPLACE.

Dec 19, 2017: Pages Export & Import

You can export and import Pages in bulk.

Dec 15, 2017: Increased import speed 5x for Big, and 10x for Enterprise Plan

Now the 5x speed is even more faster than before, and 10x for Enterprise Plan is well 10x faster than Basic.

Dec 5, 2017: Export as Google Shopping Data Feed

Export Products in Google Shopping Data Feed format. Exports only published products. Can use the filter to export
just needed.

Nov 27, 2017: Filter export of Products and Orders

Filter Products export by Handle, Title, Vendor, Type, and Tags.
Also, filter Orders export by dates.

Nov 23, 2017: Update Image Alt Text

You can export and import Imate Alt Text field for Products, and update alt text by importing that back.

Nov 23, 2017: Export only details that you need to

Now you can choose finer details what data to export for each item so that you don't have to delete unneeded
columns and rows when updating data.

Nov 15, 2017: Show warning about failed image import

If Shopify will not be able to import all Product images, the app will issue a warning about that in Import Results
"Import Comment" column.

Nov 14, 2017: Variant position import to reorder variants

Product variant reordering can now be done by changing "Variant Position" number and importing that column in as

Nov 11, 2017: Base rows/columns filled in export

When exporting, all the base rows like Title, Vendor, Tags, etc.
are filled also for duplicated rows, so that you can filter and group them easier in Excel.

Nov 10, 2017: Metafields import

Speed: Metafields import speed doesn't depend on Metafield count anymore. Even for 100 Metafields per item, it
will import as quickly as with no Metafields.

Delete: You can delete Metafields for items just by clearing values in that Metafield column, and importing.

Set type: Metafield can have "string" or "integer" type, which is now auto-detected from Excel cell type, and
set correctly when you do the import.

Read more of release history

Bulk Import Export Update with Excel reviews

36 reviews
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My goal was to duplicate my website to allow my customers to checkout in a different currency. I therefore needed to move all my products and collections to the new website.

I was about to delete the app because my poor skills couldn't make it work... And then I had the "brilliant" idea to contact its developer to see if he could help me.

Maris (the genius behind the app) replied in less than 2 minutes and did EVERYTHING to help me! He went above and beyond, stayed up past midnight (his time) on a Friday night to help me figure out what I did wrong. Now, I don't want people to think he works 24/7, but the fact that he helped after hours and made sure I was 100% satisfied is a rare and admirable quality.

All in all:



I can't recommend this app and Maris enough!

Thank you!


Could not be happier with this app, The customer service is outstanding.


This product filled in the holes that Shopify's import/export function had. I recommend it for upload/dowloading of just about anything your store needs.


The perfect app & best support you have never tasted before !
I highly recommend this app for Import & Export.


Fantastic app, I'm so glad I read all the other glowing reviews and signed up. This app is saving me time and money and makes it so much easier to do bulk updates and changes to my product listings, and it's backed by one of the best customer service experiences I've ever encountered - Maris goes above and beyond when it comes to problem-solving, analysing, brainstorming and delivering solutions. If you use Shopify and want to be a power-user, you need Maris (and Excelify!) on your team. Thanks Maris!


Very impressive and effective app, wich saves a bunch of work.
Superb customer service also.


THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST APPS EVER!.. If your e-commerce site requires frequently updating inventory, image URLs, descriptions, orders and customer data - this is the ONLY app you need to manage imports/exports. I've tried others - this kills them all. It makes managing my store so much easier, saves me heaps of time, and the support is amazing. Every time I've been online and needed assistance Maris is there... its like he's the Import/Export 'angel'... looking over your work and takes the effort to help you with more challenging imports/exports. This App is hands-down the best we subscribe too... and one we rely on using very week to manage our store. 5-gold-stars for this App and Maris - legend!


Great app to bulk import product with multiple pictures.

Top notch customer service...


The best app out there if you have a large catalog of products that you want to edit quickly. Maris is awesome and is probably top 2 in the level of support he provides. Available everytime we've had issues to help us think through and work them out. Very responsive.

Highly recommended!


Great App!!! The best customer service- he helped import all of our customers and helped us with syncing our products in no time at all! Amazing app- really shaved off about 3-4 days worth of work and can't wait for the order importer that he said he will release soon! Thanks again!

$20.00 – $200.00 / month

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    ➤ Enterprise: $200/month
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