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24 de mayo de 2024

The app requires a Shopify VAT include/exclude setting which makes it impossible to define the same VAT inclusive prices for B2C customers in all countries. Support by Exemptify feels patronising as the guy blames the customer to be ignorant in stead of admitting that Exemptify lacks this functionality. The required functionality is easily available in the Woocommerce EU VAT plugin, which indicates we don’t ask a silly or impossible question. The app might be ok for B2B only companies. A combination of B2B and B2C customers doesn’t offer basic functionality which took us a long time to hear from Exemptify.
Países Bajos
6 meses usando la aplicación
daxanema respondió 25 de mayo de 2024

This merchant does not understand, that the Shopiy tax inclusion setting has to be activated, otherwise Shopify will never deduct taxes - regardless of tax-exemption or location of the customer.
There is nothing we can do about that.

Fecha de modificación: 30 de mayo de 2018

EDIT 30/05/2018: Developer has changed the text with our prices, which now means the text is all squashed.

Waiting for a reply from them to fix this back to how it was....

The two prices (inc & ex VAT) flashes up then disappears, so doesn't work for us.

Shame as we only wanted it to show both prices, not for all the VAT ID features.

Price text on collections if far too big too and overlaps so looks awful on our site

Had to uninstall after no-one on live chat and no response to email :(

B2b Supplies
Reino Unido
Alrededor de 1 año usando la aplicación
11 de agosto de 2022

It's ok if you only do VAT deduction and your sales strategy is ok with having different total price for every EU member state. So, If you run EU wide advertising (for example finalprice on product X is 19.99 across EU states) then this app will not work as it will require the shopify option "calculate tyxes based on customer location" to be enabled. And that makes it impossible to have the same price with VAT, as it will always be calculated based on the price without your store's location VAT and then VAT will be added on top for every market in OSS system. So 19.99 will be 21.30 or 17.56 in some coutnries... After reply from support this is not a feature they'd care about.

OLLO Audio
5 meses usando la aplicación
daxanema respondió 11 de agosto de 2022

Unfortunately merchant doesn't understand the Shopify tax system and chose to vent his frustration on our app.

Second time they installed Exemptify, apparently after looking for an app that can do what can't be done.