Exico Related/Cross Sell Mgr

Exico Related/Cross Sell Mgr

de Exico Software Solutions

The Easiest Way To Manage Related or Cross Sell Products

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Acerca de Exico Related/Cross Sell Mgr

What Can It Do ?

  1. Assign Specific Related or Cross Sell Products Per Product Page, Cart Page Or Select Any Number Of Products As Store Wide Default Related or Cross Sell Products !
  2. Randomize and Limit The Display Of The Related Products or Mix And Match With Store Wide Defaults!
  3. Easy And Intuitive Management Screen, No Coding Is Required To Make It Work For Your Store!

Increase Sales

  1. By showing hand picked related/cross products on product details page of any product
  2. Displaying handpicked related/cross products on cart page

Time Saver

Have too many products and too little time to handpick cross/related products? No worries! You don't have to manually assign related/cross items for each product you have! Using this app you can select store wide default cross/related products for each and every product of your store!

Display Related/Cross Sell Items The Way You Want!

  1. You can set rule for mixing and matching assigned/handpicked related/cross sell items and the (store wide) default related/cross sell items.
  2. You can limit the number of products to be shown as related/cross sell items.
  3. You can also randomize the related/cross products display
  4. Customize the heading text of the related items display

Modifying Your Theme is Easy

  1. Add just one line in your theme file and get it working!
  2. Clear instruction in the Help section of the app.
  3. We also offer FREE installation (theme modification) if you are unable to it yourself!

We built this application to do one thing and do it in the best possible way. Why not give it a try today! We are offering 3 DAYS FREE TRIAL!!

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4.7 con 5 estrellas

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Reseñas más recientes


It was a bit confusing to use at first, but the customer service is excellent! But it does a lot for a great cost compared to other apps Ive tried. Thank you!

Alternative Source Medical

Works great and the support is excellent. They fixed a template issue within a couple of hours. Thanks!

Sparfuchs007 Com

Great support. They helped me with the integration. Everything works like a charm now.