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Personalized Exit Offers

Personalized Exit Offers

Developed by Joe Suh

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  • Personalize your popup to show the exact product they looked at
  • Offer a coupon only on specific products that you are willing to discount
  • Pop up an offer ONLY when your shopper is about to leave

Your visitor gets a popup that shows the specific product they looked at

We hate intrusive popups as much as you do. Our popups get attention without being annoying. Right as your visitor is about to leave, they'll get a timely message that offers them a discount on the specific item they're interested in. You can choose to trigger the popup only for items they put in their shopping cart, or for items they simply looked at.

Offer a coupon only on specific products that you are willing to discount

You can offer a coupon that works for all products in your store. Or just offer a discount on specific products. Note that if you choose a specific product, shoppers that did not show interest in that product will NOT get the popup

Personalize your popup to show the exact product they looked at

Our popups convert well because they're personalized. You can design it, and set specific coupons for specific products. Your shoppers are much more likely to respond to the popup if they see the item in their popup that they looked at a minute ago.


Can I see the app in action?
Yes, checkout this screencast

Do I have to make the coupon code first?
Yes, the app expects you to create the coupon codes. And then you assign them to specific products within the app

When does the popup get triggered?
The popup gets triggered when the user is about to exit your store. We look for mouse movements on desktop, and scroll patterns on mobile, to figure out when your visitor is about to leave

Does the popup show up only for products that get abandoned?
By default, the popup will show the product that the visitor left in his cart. But you can change it to show up even if he just looked at the product without putting it in his cart

Do I need to have a coupon code first?
Yes, you can easily make one in the Shopify dashboard. Or just use one that you've already created. For tracking purposes though, making a custom coupon code to use with this app will let you know how effective it is!

How often do the popups get triggered?
We trigger them once per visitor. We use cookies to track whether a visitor has already seen it, and we wait one hour before showing it to the same visitor again. (we don't want to annoy your visitors!)

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This App looks OK and easy to set up with your company colours. you can create a discount for a specific product or for all.
I tried in my site the first time in it was fine, but after trying with my mobile happens once only. To be sure I check my macbook but nothing again. I can not see it, but maybe is for the cookies, to do not bother the customer too much.
I have two options to popup, can be in the cart page or in every product, that's cool.


Free up to 100 popups, then $4.99/month afterward

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