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19 febbraio 2023

This is by far the best event scheduling calendar app that I have found. And I have tried a lot. Will definitely keep using and recommend to others.

There are a few minor glitches like having to upload a specific size picture, not being able to customize brand colors on the actual booking page, and having to reload the page after saving. However, every app out there has its own weird idiosyncrasies and I'll take these ones over any other app I've tried. Plus, their customer service is great and the app is continually improving.

Craft Theory
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Experiences ha risposto 20 febbraio 2023

Thank you for your positive review! We're really glad to have you as a customer.
Also, thanks for your constructive feedback. You've hit on a few things we're currently working on. Here's the status:
- Brand colors on the booking checkout flow: We're adding the ability to change the color of the button to be on brand very soon.
- Specific picture sizes: That's a theme conflict issue that we're working to not make an issue in the future.
- Reload of the page: This is an issue of how we interact with Shopify's draft rules. We're also thinking about how we can make this a more intuitive and reliable experience.

Thanks for your feedback!

Data modifica: 17 dicembre 2020

The support is awesome! Mark was super helpful and encouraging.
Glitch: when I get an error, it doesn't tell me what it is.

Kerith House
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Experiences ha risposto 19 dicembre 2020

Thanks Beth! It was a pleasure supporting you and helping you get your amazing experiences online. We look forward to hearing your success stories!

ヽ〳 ՞ ᗜ ՞ 〵ง

14 ottobre 2020

We run painting and furniture upholstery courses and needed a simple to use app to plugin to our Shopify Store. We are new to Shopify and so had a number of questions about how to make things work properly. The team from Experiences was incredibly responsive and friendly, taking the time to answer even the silliest of questions from me! We are now enjoying taking many workshop bookings and are very happy using Experiences!

Mint by michelle
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Experiences ha risposto 20 ottobre 2020

Thanks Michelle! We're super happy to have such an accomplished crafts-person and educator as a customer. I'd encourage all Australians to beat a quick path to Mint by Michelle for a workshop to learn how to revitalize and enhance their tired old bureaus, side tables, dressers, wardrobes, and coffee-stained coffee tables.

╰( ◕ ᗜ ◕ )╯

17 agosto 2020

This app is a great plug in for booking experiences - but beyond that, the developers answer questions right away which make it a breeze to troubleshoot and understand functionality. They have also been sharing what features they will be adding soon which is great as well. Thanks for your top notch customer service.

Seesaw Live
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Experiences ha risposto 17 agosto 2020

Thanks for your honest review. We have enjoyed getting to know you and expect great success for you in the experience economy!

໒( ◔ ▽ ◔ )७

20 novembre 2019

We have just added the app to our website, and we're very pleased with seamless, easy integration and set up! I have a few small tweaks to make the fit better for our branding, but the team has been super responsive and are helping us out!
This app is simple, but still includes many features and capabilities we haven't found with other products - and is definitely easier to install and use.

Pyramid Valley
Nuova Zelanda
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