Product Expiration Dates

Product Expiration Dates

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Shelf life and best by date management for your products

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Minimize returns and refunds

Selling expired products results in lost revenue and returns, leaving your customers frustrated and your business vulnerable

Give customers confidence

Displaying an expiration date on perishable products gives your customers confidence that your products are safe, fresh and ready to use

Discount to-be expired product

Being up-to-date on expiration dates allows you to move inventory by offering discounts and/or bundles as products' sell by dates approach

Sobre Product Expiration Dates

Tracking when products are no longer suitable for consumption or use can be a tedious and error-prone process. In some jurisdictions certain products cannot be sold after they've expired. Not being able to sell these products results in lost revenue. Inadvertently selling them leaves your customers frustrated and your business burdened by returns and refunds and maybe even bad reviews.

Minimize lost revenue and give your customers confidence that your products will always be safe, fresh and ready to use by using the Expiration Dates app track your product's sell-by date.

Great for:

  • Food and beverages
  • Makeup and cosmetics
  • Limited time offers
  • Discounting products nearing their expiration date

Easy Setup & Configuration

No need to invest in a complex inventory management system or read through pages of documentation to get what you need.

Multiple Expiration Dates and (Optional) Associated Location & Quantities

Assign multiple expiration dates to a product or its variants. Each date can be associated with a quantity indicating the number of products in your inventory expiring on that date.

Order and Fulfillment Integration

Choose when expiration dates with associated quantities will be allocated to an order:

  • When the order is placed
  • When the order is fulfilled

Quantities will be allocated from the closest expiration date.

Product that are subsequently refunded or returned will be added back to the expiration dates from which they were allocated.

Be Notified Before Your Products Expire

Notifications can be configured to email a product expiration report days before products' expiration dates are reached.

Add Expiration Dates to Your Product Pages

Expiration dates and any associated quantities can be added to your product pages or anywhere else on your site. When orders are placed for these products your page will reflect updates to the date and/or quantity.

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Pinkfoodshop, il negozio degli alimenti speciali

This app is exactly what I needed for my health foods store and The customer care is great, have solved all my problems to integrate expiration date in my theme. Great job, really recommended

Happy Tummies Pty Ltd

This app does exactly what I need it to and the support was super quick and fabulous! They set everything up for me and tweaked it until I was happy. Thank you :-)

Nordic Catch

Great little addition to my store's page. Our store sells pre-packaged, fresh seafood. It's helpful for customers to order ahead when they know the "best by" dates of each product. Communication with the developer was quick and efficient! Thanks!!