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Track your products expiry and reduce your stock waste!


Track it!

Tracking of expiry dates have never been easier!

Sell it!

Make sure you have enough time for sale of the products due to expiry!

Help us!

Feel free to share your feedback, we are keen to improve and develop this app with your inputs!


About Expiryint

Why are we so confident about our app? We have created this app for our needs! We are not only developers, but we are also running a store that deals with Cosmetics and Food – simply products that have an expiry date. We know the pain of checking stock or surprise with unsold products. By creating this application, we were thinking about other merchants with similar challenges. Isn’t it amazing yet?! We are happy to improve the app, so before posting a review, feel free to drop us a message, we will be keen to hear from you to make this app perfect for stores that have to track expiry dates.

What problem does the app solve?

The app will help you with selling products with an expiry date, valid for a period of time, like seasonal goods or products that you want to keep in the store only for a limited period of time.

How to use it?

What is beautiful about this app? It is simple and useful! It does not contain any additional useless features. Your UI will be divided into products without expiry dates and with expiry dates, so you can easily distinguish different products or variants without going into details. The search feature will also enable you to find any product by its title. Email notification allows you to set up a deadline, before you would like to be notified about the product expiry.



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