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Retrieve - Export Items

Retrieve - Export Items

Developed by Rewind

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  • Easily export product images for desktop editing
  • Save blog posts locally for safe keeping
  • Easily edit pages on your desktop

Retrieve allows you to save your Shopify data to your local desktop, putting you in full control of your data.

With Retrieve you can download:

  • Product images
  • Blog posts
  • Pages
  • Other data coming soon - contact us if you need something

Product Images

Save product images locally for resizing, watermarking and other changes. Make changes, and then upload them back into products to easily update your product images.

Blog posts

Create an archive of all your blog posts locally by exporting them and saving them to your desktop.


Save your Shopify pages locally for easy editing and maintain a local archive of your Shopify store.

Other Data

We're constantly adding features to Retrieve. If you'd like to export from Shopify and don't see it listed, contact us to have us add it to Retrieve.

Other Apps

Retrieve is brought to you by the team at Rewind, a backup application for Shopify stores.

Rewind - Automatically backup your Shopify store
Replay - Easily copy your Shopify store from one store to another


Each retrieve costs $10, plus $0.10 / item saved. You'll be prompted to pay before the data is saved.

Get Started

Install Retrieve in your store and you'll instantly be able to export your Shopify data. Select which items you want to export, and you'll be emailed a link with the data to download.


If you have any questions about Retrieve, email us at help@rewindit.io.


$10 per job plus $0.10 / item saved

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