Export orders to Zásilkovna.cz

Export orders to Zásilkovna.cz

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Exports for fastest growing delivery method in Czech republic

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Om Export orders to Zásilkovna.cz

Export orders to Zásilkovna.cz(Packeta.com) is an app designed to streamline the fulfilment process so you can easily deliver to Zásilkovna pick-up points and use Zásilkovna address delivery service without manually typing delivery details.

This application doesn't include Pick-up point selection.

How does it work?

  1. Configure mapping between your shipping rates and Zásilkovna's delivery methods.
  2. Select orders to export at the Orders admin page.
  3. Review the results and download the CSV file.

Automatic API export

In this mode packages are now automatically created in Zásilkovna. The app automatically creates Fulfillments in Shopify with tracking code.


I'm invested in building a useful app. Feel free to contact me when you need help setting up or just have a question or request!

About author

I'm a freelance web developer focused on building simple and easy to use Shopify Apps.

Partner friendly

This app is FREE for partners and merchants to install in your dev shops while you’re building your store, or just to see if it’s a good fit.



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  • josef@rousek.name

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Standard plan


  • CSV will get generated which will then has to be uploaded to Zásilkovna

Advanced plan


  • Automatic integration using API

  • Parcels get created automatically

  • Tracking code and link will be saved in Shopify

* Alle debiteringer faktureres i USD. Faste debiteringer, herunder månedlige debiteringer eller brugsgebyrer, faktureres hver 30. dag.

5.0 af 5 stjerner

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Integrace se Zásilkovnou ušetřila spoustu času. Aplikace funguje dobře, drobnosti jsme postupně doladili při komunikaci s developerem.