Outlink External Links Button

Outlink External Links Button

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Add Outlinks to any product

Replace the ‘Add to Cart’ button with Outlink button for any product. Redirect users to desired external / affiliate product page.

Expand your store catalog

Add affiliate products that complement your store and align with your brand to make it bigger and more valuable.

Earn new income

Sell affiliate products to earn new income without the need to handle inventory, tax or shipping.

Om Outlink External Links Button

Outlink enables Shopify stores to set up links to external / affiliate products.

External / Affiliate Product

An example of this would be a product that you link to on Amazon and you receive a commission when your user purchases after clicking that link. They are a great way to make some extra income on your site.

Replace Add to Cart with External Link

Regular products on Shopify can be converted to affiliate products by replacing the ‘Add to Cart’ button with a link button that redirects the user to the affiliate product page.

Setting Up External Links with Outlink

1 - Outlink allows you to specify an external URL for any product on your store. This will be the affiliate link that leads the customer directly to the outside site. You can enable/disable the external link anytime with a click of a button.

2 - You can also specify the text to be displayed on the external link button. So you are not confusing or surprising your customers, you can have the button say something like “Buy On eBay”. That way they know what is going to happen and you are not misleading them.

With Outlink you can add one affiliate product or create an entire affiliate site with thousands of products. You can also sell digital products - apps, music, files, data, software, services, coupons, etc.


  • Fast & Easy – Add external links to any Shopify product in 1-click.
  • Consistent Store UI – For Outlinked products, the ‘Add to cart’ button will be replaced with an external link button having the same format.
  • Open in New Tab - External links open in a new tab. Shoppers can navigate back to your site once they are done with the other site.
  • Keep 100% of Your Commissions - We do not have a cut in any of your affiliate links.
  • Bulk Editor - Add or edit Outlinks for multiple products together in an Excel-like format or via CSV file.
  • Uninstall-proof - Once added, Outlinks will work even if you uninstall the app.
  • Multiple Links - Attach multiple external links to a single product to provide more options to your users, get higher payouts and diversify revenue.
  • Variant Level Links - Add unique links to each variant.
  • Tables - Improve affiliate revenue and provide shopping options to the users by displaying Price Comparison Sets for any product.
  • Sticky Button - Boost conversions by displaying an easy-to-click floating Outlink button.
  • Multi-Affiliate Support - Add links to any product/affiliate network including, Amazon Associates, eBay, Aliexpress, Etsy, Clickbank, Rakuten, CJ, ShareASale, Avangate, Avantlink, Kickbooster, LinkShare, ShopSense, SkimLinks, etc.


This app is just a tool to help you set up external links on your Shopify website. You need to comply with the terms of each of the Affiliate / Reseller Networks that you join.



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Basic plan


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  • Unlimited Links
  • Unlimited Products
  • Bulk Editor
  • Links on Collection Pages
  • Click Tracking
  • Button Customization Free Support
  • CSV Import

Pro Plan


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  • Basic Plan +
  • Variant Level Links
  • Multiple Links per Product
  • Comparison Table Links
  • Sticky Button
  • Chrome Extension Product Importer

Gold Plan


faktureret med $50 én gang om året

  • Pro Plan +
  • Link Masking
  • In-App Stats

Free plan


  • For stores under the Shopify trial period.
  • Unlimited links.

* Alle opkrævninger faktureres i USD.

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Storefront Insights

This company accidentally (?) charged even after I requested membership cancellation and they confirmed completion of the membership.

Udviklerens svar

25. november 2021

This is a totally unfair review from the folks at storefront-findings.myshopify.com.

1. The store was charged $5 correctly as per the confirmed plan.
2. We refunded the charge 100%, in good faith, as the owner informed us that the store is not doing well.
3. We also emailed them explaining the Shopify Billing system and charges are sometimes pushed after the app is uninstalled.

They used the app to add over a hundred links.

Even though we are not obligated to refund the charge, we anyways did it and still got a 1-star review on top.


I am the Shopify Partner and Designer for NIM7.com and I work with a lot of app devs on Shopify. The team at Outlink is by far the most efficient, effective, and responsive support team that has responded with immediate solutions and assistance that I have ever worked with here on Shopify. They really set the standard for the best this app store has to offer and make the process simple. They thrive in customer support, communication, and have made working with their additional functionalities a pleasure to implement as a solution my client needed. I used this app to replace the Add to Cart button and redirect purchases to MindBody software (rather than paying for a 3rd party integration service). They are a perfect example of what makes Shopify great! I truly hope they keep growing, expanding services, and set the bar for other developers here in the app store. Thank you for all you have done for my client's site. I will definitely be recommending your services for my future clients who are more service-based than products. Rae Carter
eKama Support
website example: https://nim7.com/products/acro-yoga-class-packages?variant=41893593317606

Udviklerens svar

3. november 2021

Thank you for taking the time to leave us such an incredible review. Most people don't bother to leave reviews about positive experiences because they are unincentivized. It's only when we receive such positive feedback, do we rest knowing that we have done our jobs well. Thank you for giving us this proverbial pat on the back, you made our day!

Boho and Chic

Great app and top notch support, best one out there if you want to add Amazon affiliate links to your pages.

Udviklerens svar

10. september 2021

Thank you for your lovely review. We so appreciate you taking the time to share your experience of using the Outlink app.