Extreme Product Bundles

Extreme Product Bundles

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Sell more & increase your sales by creating product bundles

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Increase Sales

Boost your sales by creating bundle offers of your own choice to attract more customers

Schedule Bundles

Schedule your bundle offer by using specific dates to target customers for specific time

Sell your less popular product

Sell your less popular products with different combinations by creating a discount offer

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About Extreme Product Bundles

Our app allows you to offer your products in a bundle. For example, set up a "Black Friday" bundle, where a customer can pick a hat, jersey, and t-shirt together and get 15% off of each item. If they take one of the items out of the cart, they no longer qualify and they pay full price.

Frequently Bought Together

When shopping, you probably saw a "Frequently Bought Together" on the page that suggested a complementary product to go along with the item that you were looking at. This is done because it works; offering a discount on a second product means that the customer is more likely to buy more. With our app, you get this sleek bundle sales trick on your Shopify store.

Bundle by Product

Using the product bundle, you choose a few specific products that you want customers to purchase together. This could be a set of cooking utensils or accessories, a few items from the same brand, or just two complementary products (like a camera and lens). Select the products, set the discount and you're done. The app will show a "bundle widget" below the "Add to Cart" button on those two products to let customers know they could potentially save by buying the bundle!

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4.2 stelle su 5

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wooden puzzle

Great app to create bundle of buy one get one free and cart page work smoothly after integration. Thank you for support

American Crate

This app greatly increases AOV . I have use many upsell app but this app work prefect form my store


This app was great...and then it wasn't. Its FAQ is not very informative. It doesn't tell you how to link the app with your store so the bundles can show on your website. I couldn't adjust a lot of things...man, it just feels incomplete

Risposta dello sviluppatore

18 marzo 2021

Thank you for your review. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We completely understand the importance and urgency in resolving this matter. Our experts are working on resolving this for you, thank you so much for your patience.