EZ‑LTV ‑ Cohort Analysis

EZ‑LTV ‑ Cohort Analysis


Use cohort analytics and profit reporting to optimize LTV

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Know What's Happening

Easy, powerful pre-built reports to understand LTV by time, product, discount code and marketing channel to optimize & grow customer value.

Accurate Data on Autopilot

Automatically pulls ad spend, COGS, shipping & revenue to an all-in-one dashboard to know your numbers and see performance over time.

Simplify Complex Decisions

Aggregate multi-store, multi-channel attribution and currency normalization to get a true view of how your brand is really performing.

关于 EZ‑LTV ‑ Cohort Analysis

Whether you’re an eCommerce veteran or just starting out, understanding your customers and optimizing their LTV is crucial, yet can be complicated. EZ-LTV makes it simple.

EZ-LTV automatically turns your data into an easy-to-use profit dashboard and cohort reports, allowing you to easily understand where, when and how your customer's value changes over time.

How does EZ-LTV help?

EZ-LTV helps you make smart decisions in 3 key areas:

Group your customers into cohorts to answer questions like:

  • What's the LTV of customers based on the coupon code used on their first order?

  • How long do repeat customers stay active when their first order took place during the holidays?

Analyze your true profit and cost to answer questions like:

  • What ROAS can I afford to buy advertising against?

  • Did my marketing efforts change LTV and profit trends over time?

Multi-channel analysis to answer questions like:

  • Which paid channel provides the highest value to customers?

  • What is my week-over-week ROAS for each marketing channel?

True Cost and Profit Analysis

  • 4 dashboards and 17 key lifetime metrics allow you to understand the health of your stores and customers

  • Tie together all your costs like COGS, fulfillment, and shipping; in one centralized place to see your actual profit, by product

  • View metrics over the lifetime of your store or zoom into important dates to see how certain events affected your profitability

  • See key KPIs like AOV, ROAS and more at a glance, or get a detailed view through specific time frames

Cohort Analysis

  • 7 pre-built, powerful cohort reports to understand key details like ROAS over time, how long customers are active, and more

  • The 4 most important eCommerce cohort reports allowing you to understand how different attributes affect customer performance

  • Supports 12+ marketing channels allowing you to segment and understand how your marketing budget influences your key metrics

  • View metrics grouped into weeks or months, cumulatively over time or by period

  • Drill into a cohort to understand the key lifetime metrics of these customers over their lifetime

And More!

  • Filter your metrics down to only include customers that are still predicted to be "alive"

  • View your data normalized to a single currency and time zone across stores, ad accounts and other costs

  • Integrate unlimited stores to view their lifetime performance in aggregate

  • Unlimited support to help you answer the tough questions


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Alpha Sole

EZ-LTV entirely changed the way we buy ads! We didn't understand the true lifetime value of our customers, and that we could actually afford to pay a lot more to acquire customers. I would highly recommend this app! Our business has been able to grow much faster since installing it.