Virtual Inventory Assistant

Virtual Inventory Assistant


Forecast sales, purchase orders, reports & FREE stock alerts

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Never run out of stock again

Get daily inventory forecast emails including the list of inventory about to run out of stock and the potential sales at risk.

Automate purchase orders

Create purchase orders & share with suppliers. Make supply plans, forecast inventory and create purchase orders.

Get advanced inventory reports

Find best & worst performing inventory. Plan your ad campaigns and purchase orders with the help of sales forecasting and reports.

有關 Virtual Inventory Assistant

Start your 14 day free trial, try out all the features!

Feature list


  • Forecast future demand for inventory
  • Identify best & worst selling products with advanced reports
  • Plan incoming inventory
  • Automate your supply planning process


  • Inventory performance reports
  • Low stock reports
  • Sales forecasting reports
  • Daily inventory reports
  • All available as PDF & Excel in addition to the app interface


  • Match products and suppliers
  • Create purchase orders per supplier
  • Automated open-to-buy reports
  • Automated purchase orders
  • Send purchase orders directly from the app (also available as PDF & Excel)

STOCK ALERTS (Free feature)

  • Set stock alerts per product
  • Receive low inventory emails

What's next?

  • Purchase order automation
  • Multiple location inventory management

Who should use the Virtual Inventory Assistant?

  • We designed this app for stores who manages physical inventory.

Does this app change anything on my store front?

  • Simply, no. Our app does not change anything on your theme or have effect on store speed.

Customer support always on your side

  • Our expert team will do their best for helping you better manage your inventory. We offer support via chat, phone and email.

Planning to execution

  • Our app considers lead times & your desired days of stock coverage per product when creating supply plans
  • As a merchant, all you need to do is to approve or edit the prepared supply plans and create purchase orders
  • You can track incoming purchase orders and always know what your stock level will be at any future date

Purchase orders with all the functionalities you are looking for

  • Create purchase orders, send to your suppliers and track the status of each purchase order

Incoming inventory

  • The app considers purchase orders that are in transit so you have the transparency of your stock levels at any given date.

Forecasting stockout

  • App forecasts future sales and creates supply plans combining with lead time information.

Be informed about the opportunity cost of stock outs

  • The Virtual Inventory Assistant not only notifies about the out of stock incidents but also highlights how much of potential sales is lost and expected to be lost due to stock outages.

Out of stocks cost more than you think!

You might be losing months of sales revenue due to products that are out of stock. The cost of out of stock is mostly invisible and ignored but The Virtual Inventory Assistant app calculates the opportunity cost clearly. The Virtual Inventory Assistant analyses your all times inventory & sales data. Generates product specific insights to prevent out of stocks.


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定價 14 天免費試用


每月 $99

或每年一次收費 $1,020,按每月 $85 計費

  • Stores with max $50k/mo sales revenue
  • Stock alerts
  • Inventory forecasting & analytics
  • Purchase orders & suppliers
  • Live personal onboarding


每月 $149

或每年一次收費 $1,500,按每月 $125 計費

  • Stores with $50k - $200k /mo sales revenue
  • All features in Seed Plan
  • Live personal onboarding


每月 $350

或每年一次收費 $3,480,按每月 $290 計費

  • Stores with $200k+ /mo sales revenue
  • All features in the Scale-up plan
  • Task automation
  • Custom reports
  • Live personal training



  • Set low stock thresholds
  • Get daily low stock emails
  • Try all paid features in the first 14 days

* 所有費用均以 USD 計價。
** 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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Princess Awesome & Boy Wonder

We are so impressed with the flexibility and range of Fabrikator. It's so helpful to have data that allows us to plan our inventory based on what is already selling well, and to have projections of what the shop may look like based on current sales. I can't wait to see what new features they will implement, and consider this to be one of our essential apps for running the business.


We really love using this app for lowstock alerts! Daily and weekly updates and insights are SO helpful. We enjoy looking at what is selling slow in order to target what to post on social media too. The customer service is more than excellent throughout the onboarding process. Bahadir event sent us a how-to video when we were figuring out the backend. We 100% recommend their service for any business owner who has a good amount of skus!



Thank you very much for your kind words! This literally puts a big smile on everyones face in the team 😊

Floating Pearls | Vase Pearlfection

This app is the best low stock alert out there, not costly at all! Fast & reliable customer service!



We are happy to hear that you found our app helpful! 🙏🏻 We are working hard to add new features, stay tuned 🚀