Virtual Inventory Assistant

Virtual Inventory Assistant

da Fabrikatör

Forecast stock outs, plan purchase orders & FREE stock alerts

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FREE forever stock alerts

Set variant level stock alerts for your inventory and never miss a sale due to stock out. This feature is FREE for all plans.

Purchase Orders & Vendors

Fabrikatör's intelligent algorithm generates purchase orders by forecasting future demand. Send POs to vendors, easily track status.

Variant level forecasting

Browse the performance analysis of each variant and optimise your inventory levels. Get smarter in marketing and inventory planning.

Sobre Virtual Inventory Assistant


We've seen a great demand for stock alerts feature and we decided to make it free for all our users, forever!

What's coming next?

  • Purchase order improvements
  • Backorders
  • Task automation

Who should use the Virtual Inventory Assistant?

  • We designed this app for stores who manages physical inventory. Please make sure you enabled the "quantity tracking" enabled for your products. Especially if you have color & size options for your products, this app is a perfect match for you!

Is this app suitable for dropshippers?

  • If you are not holding physical inventory, our app may not provide you the best outcome for your business.

Is this app suitable for multiple locations?

  • Sadly not yet, we are working on bringing the support for multiple locations.

Does this app change anything on my store?

  • Simply, no. Our app does not change anything on your theme and it is currently a "read only" app.

Customer support always on your side

  • Our expert team will do their best for helping you better manage your inventory and increase the profitability of your store. We offer support via chat, phone and email.

Get smarter in supply planning

  • Our app considers lead times & your desired days of stock coverage per product when creating supply plans
  • As a merchant, all you have to do is to approve or edit the prepared supply plans and create purchase orders

Purchase orders with all the functionalities you were looking for

  • Create purchase orders, send to your suppliers and track the status of each PO

Incoming inventory

  • The app considers POs that are in transit so you have the transparency of your stock levels at any given date.

Forecasting stockouts

  • By using the forecasted sales quantity and lead times of products, the app notifies you at the perfect time for restocking

Stay informed about the opportunity cost of stockouts

  • Fabrikatör not only notifies about the out of stock incidents but also highlights how much of potential sales is lost and expected to be lost due to stock outages.

Change in sales velocity

  • Fabrikatör notifies you when a product sells faster or slower compared to the previous period

Unlock the true potential of your inventory!

As the number of variants and products increases, tracking the inventory performance becomes tricky. The Virtual Inventory Assistant analyses your all times sales data and generates product specific notifications. These notifications are both sent as emails and also available on your Fabrikatör dashboard.

Supported currencies by Fabrikatör: USD, EUR, GBP, TRY, AUD, CAD

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FREE Stock Alerts


  • Variant level stock alerts

  • Daily insights emails

  • Email notifications

  • All features included during the trial

  • Stock alerts free forever!



  • Up to 2500 monthly orders

  • Stock alerts

  • Sales forecasting

  • Inventory analytics

  • Supply planning

  • Purchase order & vendor management



  • Up to 5000 monthly orders

  • Stock alerts

  • Sales forecasting

  • Inventory analytics

  • Supply planning

  • Purchase order & vendor management



  • Up to than 10k monthly orders

  • All features in the Scale-up plan

  • Task automation

  • Live support

  • Tailor-made onboarding

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I started using the Fabrikator app to better manage my production process. Since we are a very small team managing a lot of aspects of the business at once, it's been really helpful to see all the information we need at one place. The setup was very easy and the interface is really user friendly. Their team was so helpful with the few problems and questions we had. Highly recommended!

Resposta do desenvolvedor

27 de janeiro de 2021

Thank you very much for your kind words! We are happy to being able to support you in your journey of growth 🚀

Mah Roc

We've been using Fabrikatör for 2 months as one of their first customers. Fabrikator app saved us a lot of time by setting the safety stock levels automatically and warning us when it is the right time to restock. We tried other inventory apps as well but they all had steep learning curves and unfriendly user interfaces. The team is amazing when it comes to customer support. They do not only resolve our issues immediately but also act as a consultant that provides useful resources and makes introductions to other experts in different domains for helping our business to grow. In short, we are happy to be heard and recognised as a customer of Fabrikator.

Resposta do desenvolvedor

27 de janeiro de 2021

Thank you for your trust and support as one of the first customers of Fabrikator's Shopify App. We've come a long way from where we started. Everyday we release new features with the excitement of hearing feedback of our esteemed users. We are happy to be part of your journey ✨