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September 2, 2022

Would really like to use this app integrated to Loox Reviews. Unfortunately it is unable to connect to my Facebook account because of a supposed adblocker installed in the browser. But there is no adblocker installed...

Time spent using app: About 1 month
Edited April 8, 2019

Though we get sales every day from other forms of advertising, we were looking for an app that works with FB, to add FB as a marketing option as well; so we were happy to find Admonks. However, after several weeks this app did not work for us.
From the beginning of the trial we asked for help to get setup the right way and it took them a long time to help. Though they were super quick to ask for us to leave a review after install. After sending several emails back and forth for help, by the time they point us to the real issue, where the account was capped at $300 and it needed to be reset, this was more than 2 weeks later. However, the app kept creating ads automatically, though they were not running due to the cap.
After the cap was reset and Admonks Ads started running, it continued creating Ads and spending money on Ads, with no Return on Ad spend [ROAS] or insight into what its doing to optimize the ads. Since so much time had passed before we had gotten the help that finally pinpointed the initial issue mentioned above, we asked to extend the trial, as we didn't want to start a subscription for something we didn't get to really test and so far was not working for us.

With the creation of the ads, whether it be carousel of products or standalone, you can pretty much do this yourself without needing the app or find another app with better support. As there is no interaction from the Admonks team, to follow-up or check to see why there is no ROAS. So you really do not get any follow-up on the progress of the app, other than the auto emails or pop-ups asking for review or to do affiliate marketing for them.

As a result, I am giving the 2.5 stars because it was easy to install and some of the interaction with the team when we followed up with them was OK, but that was about it [since I am not able to add a 1/2 star I will leave it at a 2 for now, as its not a 3].

So, I would suggest to anyone installing this app, to wait first to test it before leaving a review, for as a shop owner, the primary reason why you are installing it is to help with sales, not just to leave a review about the install and to become an affiliate. Therefore, if you leave feedback prematurely just about your install experience, it will be misleading for other businesses looking to try the app and service; as they will assume your 5 star feedback, also means good results overall, including good support from the Admonks team.

If we get any follow-up support on this app and more insight on why ROAS is still at zero, though the Ad spend keeps increasing, we will be willing to return and update our review. Thanks.

United States
Time spent using app: About 1 month
Admonks replied April 9, 2019

Thanks for the honest feedback. We’re sorry you had this experience. We wished you shared your doubts with us first so that we could find a solution to improve your ads together.

We try to do our best to provide the best customer support, but some issues are more challenging than the others and simply take time to solve. We’re sorry that was your case.

Although you were informed about your ads’ results in our weekly email reports and had the possibility to subscribe to Messenger notifications with daily updates, we can see it wasn’t enough in your case. We stay in close contact with most of our users, answering questions, sharing tips and recommendations and providing services that are often more than we’re obliged to, and that is reflected in many reviews. Wishing we could do the same for you, we’d appreciate if you found some time to talk to us directly. Please schedule a call here:

We’re looking forward to talking to you.
AdMonks team

October 17, 2018

This app might be OKAY if you have absolutely no clue about FB ad's. Otherwise it doesn't seem to do much except auto create a FB ad along with a ton of custom audiences and collect 5% of your ad spend. Support is also lacking. Not impressed.

eFlow Nutrition
United States
Time spent using app: 5 days