Facebook Catalog Feed

Facebook Catalog Feed

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Add your Products to a Catalog Feed for Facebook Ads

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Market Products On Facebook

Sync your Shopify products to a Facebook Catalog so you can advertise your products on Facebook and Instagram.

Multiple Feeds For Sales

Setup specific catalogs for seasonal sales like Black Friday to maximise exposure and optimise your advertising budget.

Auto-Updates New Products

New products are automatically updated to the feed so you can start advertising instantly.

Su Facebook Catalog Feed

Facebook Product Feed helps connect your Shopify products with the Facebook Advertising Platform for you to create Dynamic Facebook and Instagram ads.

There’s no need to create individual ads for each of your Shopify products or variants. Simply use the app’s feed to import all of the product information, images and pricing to automatically populate advertisements.


  • Multiple Feeds – Don’t waste time setting up product sets in Facebook, just create a new feed with customised settings to suit your ads.

  • Collection Filtering – Choose a specific collection or add products from all collections.

  • Variant Filtering – Just show the products you have available and select the first or cheapest variant. Or you can add all product variants as Facebook products.

  • Image Optimisation – Don’t let Facebook crop your images incorrectly. Resize to fit Facebook’s carousel ad format automatically.

11+ New Features Currently Under Development!

Si integra con

  • Facebook Pixel,
  • Facebook Catalogs

Galleria multimediale




  • Up to 500 Products

  • Up to 1 feed

  • Password protected

  • Collection Filtering



  • Up to 2,000 Products

  • Up to 2 feeds

  • Password protected

  • Collection Filtering

  • Google Product Category

  • Alternate Image Selection

  • Plus more



  • Up to 10,000 Products

  • Up to 20 feeds

  • Password protected

  • Collection Filtering

  • Google Product Category

  • Alternate Image Selection

  • Plus more

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3.7 stelle su 5

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The Facebook catalog Feed is a very useful app. Besides, the team is really helpful and polite. They've kept us up-to-date with the progress of the new updates and quickly fixed a small bug when we noticed this. The updated version is working flawless and thus we would really recommend this app. Keep up the good work!

Radius Fabrications

Great app. It looks like they've been updating it a lot lately and the ability to create multiple feeds within Shopify is world-class.
The paid version is worth it an unlocks some good features that are not available elsewhere.
We've tried a few feed apps and none of them had exclusions or multiple feed options.

Third Eye Pinecones

I was looking for a free alternative to Flexify that could populate more than 1000 products. I was hoping that this app would function as well as Flexify but unfortunately, it doesn't really work at all. We have thousands of products and the app was only able to create a feed of 75. Also, it hosts the feed on the app developer URL...and not our own url like Flexify. I found this a little concerning. Maybe they'll improve the app but for now, it's not worth your time. Just go with Flexify, and if you have more advanced needs or a high volume of products, go with the paid version.

Risposta dello sviluppatore

27 febbraio 2020

Sorry to hear you didn't have a great experience with our app. We would love to check out the app on your store to see what issues you have. We host the feed on an external server due to Shopify's technical limitations, the same as other similar apps, including Flexify's latest version. We have sent you an email to connect and help you get up and running. Thanks.