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Buyer beware, this app is free elsewhere, they charge you straight away even if you dont use it. Its not a good app

Underdog Vape
使用應用程式的時間:大約2小時 已回覆 2020年4月22日

Dear Russ,

So sorry this is happening for you!

Kindly note that 1 of our customer support agents has already reached out to you directly. Please feel free to send any questions/concerns/comments in reply to so that we can look into them more effectively.


Be careful...if you delete this app, the process of deleting will NOT remove the code that is embedded onto your website. You can't get rid of it.

Sans Skincare

Not a good customer service strategy or best practice when not willing to process a prorated refund to an unhappy customer. Customers beware. Know that you love it before you buy it for a year in advance!
使用應用程式的時間:大約1個月 已回覆 2019年7月29日

As per our refund policy, we unfortunately cannot issue refunds for [MONTHLY UPGRADES/YEARLY UPGRADES PURCHASED MORE THAN 5 DAYS AGO]. However, I'll be happy to Look at your account myself and see if we have any missed opportunities or ways we can make it up to you. Reach back to our support directly and ask for me.
-Waylon W
Customer Success


Looks Terrible and doesnt work really good. also the icon on your shop ist brandet by the app-logo and looks terrible.

Home of Gadgets
使用應用程式的時間:3分鐘 已回覆 2019年4月23日

Hello, I'm sorry to hear that you do not like the POWr Chat app it is very easy to use and set up on your site and the POWr logo will be displayed on the free version of the app. If you decide to add the Chat app to your site, you can reach out to our Support Team so that we can help you set it up.


I uninstalled this app, but I can't remove it from my website...not getting much help from support either.

Old Soul Soap Company
使用應用程式的時間:37分鐘 已回覆 2019年4月6日

Hello, I inspected your site and I saw that you need to delete the "div class" code within your theme.liquid file so that the Chat app can be removed from your site.


Not actually Facebook Messager chat, but a popout with a link to start one. Also, when you uninstall it, it doesn't fully remove it and you have to edit the code to get rid of it (after having to search their help centre to find out how)

The Shop of Many Things

Worst customer service ever. Trying to troubleshoot with this company, and no response. Going to be uninstalling this app, thank you.

BonBon Lashes