Alche‑Facebook Feed

Alche‑Facebook Feed

af Alchemative

Get customers by remarketing products to the right audience.

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Create product feeds

Create one catalogue for different collections on any basis. It can be product variants, collection, tags or gender tags.

Make Facebook marketing easier

Do not have to worry about the on-going marketing, the app will do it for you by updating promotions or changes whenever required.

Reach your desired audience

When customers can easily find the products they like in their Facebook feed, they will check them out and this generates greater sales.

Om Alche‑Facebook Feed

Shopify does not offer sellers the luxury of manual rearrangement of collections in the Facebook shop according to their needs. But now, the Alche-Facebook Feed will help you have automated product feeds to target the right customers who can give you sales.

Alche-Facebook Feed is a must-have for sellers looking to target the right users to enhance sales. With Shopify’s limitations of not allowing them to make multiple catalogs, merchants face difficulties. With this app, you can automatically have a product feed and this will expedite your processes. Just set it the way you like it and that’s about it.

Alche-Facebook Feed will make all the changes automatically, be it an addition of a fresh product or any other change to the existing ones. You can choose to include all products or selected products in your Facebook feed and on what basis you want to generate the catalogs. Set your own rules for categorization so the Facebook product feed is powerful and can get you more traffic. The catalogs can be generated on the basis of product tags or specific tags, gender, product variants, or product collections. You have the liberty to choose if you want to show retail price or retail and discounted both. Merchants can use 5 different custom labels(Product tags (comma separated)', 'SKU', 'Barcode', 'Product handle', and 'Variant color (must be named color or color). With effective product feeds you can work towards dynamic ads that remarket your products. Facebook dynamic adverts will advertise your products to all those who may be interested in such products or have displayed interest either on your website, in your app, or anywhere on the Internet. With this app, you set up your marketing campaign once and it will keep building customers for you. It is easy to retarget and remarketing to the desired audience. And it will use only the latest pricing and availability, so you don't need to worry about anything. You also get a 5-day free trial! It is simple to install and will take a few minutes. So go ahead and give it a try now!



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  • Generate Unlimited Feeds.

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