Socialreply: Live Chat,Chatbot

Socialreply: Live Chat,Chatbot

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Sell your products via Facebook,Instagram: Chat, Comment, Live

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Make orders in Messenger

Create orders for your store during a chat session, sync all products to Facebook Messenger.

Boost sales & Conversion

Support customers better to grow sales and increase orders rate

Chat, Reply & Live Chat in 1

Integrate with multiple Facebook accounts. Chat and reply all comments at once to save time. Live chat with customers to increase sales

关于 Socialreply: Live Chat,Chatbot

Socialreply is a Facebook Messenger Marketing Tool that integrates your Shopify store with multiple Facebook pages and accounts. Boost your sales and support your customers better through live chat. Reply, chat, and convert customers all in one place!

What problem does it solve?

The app syncs your Shopify store with one or multiple Facebook accounts:

Turns prospects into CUSTOMERS through Live Chat.

Provide your customers with real-time support.

Don't have to switch accounts or pages.

Manage and reply to customers' messages and comments in one place.

Send customers product information without going back and forth to your store.

Place customers' orders directly in chat.

What features do you offer?

Place order in chat

Place your customer's order and send the payment information directly while chatting to them without going back and forth to your store.

Increase sales through live-chat

If you have any concerns about the app or need help with just about everything, please reach out to our FREE and FAST 5-star Customer Support team by Email or Live-chat. We're more than happy to help you deal with any problems that you might run into.

Expand customers list

Add customers from messenger to your store's database to expand your customer list. Edit and match Facebook customer's information with your store customers for further management and support.

Send product information with image and link

Sync all products from your store to Facebook messenger and pages. Send your customer product information on the go while chatting or replying to them.

Custom Chat Flow with Growth Tools to increase conversion

An automatic Growth Tools show up at the right time and the right place will drive more engagement to your store. Create your smoothest Chat Flow by customizing all Growth Tool display content, time, and position to attract more customer engagement.

Integrate with multiple accounts and pages

Chat or reply to multiple Facebook Page's comments in one place. Install today and start selling on Facebook Messenger now! One-click installation. No coding needed! Takes less than 2 minutes to get set up.





5.0 评分


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Great customer service. The app is great and with many features. I totally recommend it. It seems to be a bit messy but at the end is too intuitive



Hi U-Hombre Admin,

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The Food Folks

Wonderful App , Simply making lives very easy. Fantastic Support. I will use this App and recommend to all other App owners as well



Hi The Food Folks store admin,

This is Vicky from Socialhead Team.

Thank you so much for your generous review.

We're happy you had a fantastic time with us! Thanks for your trust, we're thankful for an amazing customer like you.

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Seems to be an amazing service. I installed it in a few seconds and I am ready to try it now on my online shop



Dear GESSICA store admin,

Here is Tracie from Customer Support of Socialhead team. Thank you very much for the feedback.

Your comment really motivates me and the technical team to continue improving the app and providing a seamless experience for our users. We'll try harder to give you a better experience with our app.

If you have any other questions or would like me to clarify anything else, please, let me know. I am always glad to help in any way I can.

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