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Facebook Marketing

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Promote products to the right audience on Facebook.

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Worley Studios

There are issued but it works for the most part. For example, you may get an error when you go to publish your ad. What it doesn't say is that it still published. And so, you may try again and again, getting errors. Meanwhile, your facebook business page will be filling up with ads to be reviewed and your visitor stats could go bonkers from the bots or people who review the ads. I got over 800 visits before my ad was even approved because I had over 30 frickin' ads sent out. It's frustrating but when the ad is up and running, they work well.

Spar King

I really like this app and would really recommend. It's easy and6 ahve all what you need. Greetings ⇒ https://spar-king.com/

Easy Crafts

What a farce. I have it set to only advertise in Canada yet I got right off the bat dozens of clicks (bots probably) in Ireland. Furthermore, I could not turn the ad off as it still said in review even though it was getting clicks??? How could that be??? I'm convinced they are fake. This app costed me a lot of money for nothing. Don't fall for this app. Considering it's made by Shopify, I'm seriously questioning why I have a shopify account.

Carnaval 2019

Works great, however, my ad is in dutch and the discount coupon that is automatically added is in english. Not good for your trustrate.


Easy to connect and essential for the store.............................................................

Trend Africa

When I try to connect to my Facebook account, Shopify keeps returning me back to the connect page. It is not connecting at all. This has been tried repeatedly for over a month now. Shopify asks for my Facebook password and i keep feeding them but it is still not connecting.

420 Weed Shirts

This is just a fast way to get your products in front of your audience. https://nguweedshirts.com/collections/420-cell-phone-cases


Maybe worked back in the day, it's not the apps fault. But facebook is killing their own site. I created a business page and they took it down and asked for a picture of me, as ridiculous as that is I did it for some reason. It's been months with no response.

Lulu's Cat Store

I see other reviews here regarding bot clicks with little results.
I am very disappointed as well because this seems to be the case with Facebook ads in general. Not just this app.
I will need to find other ways to market our business. Very unfortunate.


All my money is spent on bots clicking the ads. You’ll notice 20-30 visitors all at one time, from the USA (I’m in the UK) all my money is spent in a matter of hours with ZERO results. Very disappointing, avoid at all costs.

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