Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

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Promote products to the right audience on Facebook.

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Streamline ad creation

Create Facebook ads in minutes directly from Shopify. Shopify pulls product images and descriptions from your store to save you time.

Target with confidence

Let Shopify help you build the right Facebook audience for your brand.

Track results in Shopify

Track results and get recommendations that will fuel better campaigns over time - all without ever leaving Shopify.

À propos de Facebook Marketing

Create, manage, and track a Facebook campaign, without leaving Shopify.

Easy setup

Connect your Facebook Business Page to Shopify in a few simple steps. The Facebook tracking pixel will automatically be configured for your online store and your product catalog gets synced to Facebook. As your store gets traffic and sales, you’ll be able to target similar shoppers through lookalike audiences that Shopify will automatically build. You can also retarget shoppers with specific products they have shown interest in without additional setup.

Simple campaign creation

Create the most effective Facebook ad types, audience building and dynamic retargeting ads, in minutes. Facebook audience building ads allow you to showcase up to 5 products to interested buyers. Dynamic retargeting ads further enhance your ad strategy by allowing you to retarget shoppers that visited your store, getting you closer to making a sale. Your product images and information will be pulled directly from your Shopify store to save you time.

Target the right audience with interest-based targeting or lookalike audiences.

  • Interest-based targeting: Select your audience manually based on their interests like hobbies, favorite products categories, fashion trends, entertainment and more.
  • Lookalike audiences: Let Shopify build audiences for you based on people similar to your customers and online store visitors. It’s a powerful tool that increases your chances of getting your ads in front of the people most likely to buy.
  • Retarget your shoppers: Setup dynamic retargeting ads for shoppers who visited your store without making a purchase. Show them ads for relevant products when they are on Facebook to spark their interest in making a purchase. Choose a budget, along with campaign start and end dates that work for you.

Choose a budget, along with campaign start and end dates that work for you.

Track everything in Shopify

Track results without ever leaving Shopify. Use campaign data to track performance and make improvements to your Facebook marketing over time. Shopify will also provide campaign recommendations to fuel better results.

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Installation gratuite

When you run a campaign, you set the budget and the ad spend is billed directly to your Facebook ad account.

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2.4 de 5 étoiles
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