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8. november 2023

The app is okay, and it does the job. However, the developer requests for any basic setup additional fees, normally starting at $49 USD for anything. We use other CedCommerce integrations, and this is the poorest one. It is very limited and always says that the setup options will be available in the next update, but nothing yet.

6 måneder bruker appen
17. juni 2022

5 Starts for service today. i used the chat feature to get help with product issues which turned into a whole new can of worms. Opening a Shopify store is NOT as easy as it is advertised however, thanks to the help, patience and commitment of my agent i was able to get a better understanding of what was happening. Unfortunately, i am on my second month of paying for this Shopify store and at the end of my communication with the agent i was unfortunately told i would have to wait at least another week and hopefully the problem would resolve itself (syncing products and collections with social medias)
My agent was wonderful. His solution, very dissapointing. ...But the fact that the only "solution" we have at this time is to continue to wait is extremely frustrating. i have been paying for this store and putting my blood sweat and tears into our store for the past many weeks, hitting roadblock after roadblock and i finally thought i was going to get all these issues solved today with my super helpful and friendly agent- unfortunately all he could do was to tell me to KEEP WAITING and he would follow up next week.
I appreciate the agent-HE gets 5 stars (just for the record, i am only rating 5 stars because of his service) The app however i do not actually give a 5 star rating-its difficult to understand and navigate. Furthermore, i still havent heard back from anyone regarding correcting the actual name of my store.
MDR-Creations-Store/ or whatever is NOT the name of my store-it was an accident at setup and supposed to be able to be changed and i don't want it showing up everywhere. it is supposed to be : ...etc... . is the only domain i own. Again 5 stars for todays chat service. The rest needs serious work im sorry to say.

Tarot & Tea Room
8 måneder bruker appen
7. september 2020

It looks good, but it is very troublesome to use to collect information first and then link to FB. It is very troublesome to recreate the existing house. It is estimated that it is a newly developed program and needs to be improved.

HappyBuy Mall
24 minutter bruker appen
CedCommerce svarte 12. september 2020

Thank you for sharing your fair and honest experience of our solution. It's our clients that allow us to constantly improve the way we do business. Moreover, we also appreciate your constructive feedback. We have taken your thoughts to heart and are planning the best way out to make the process even more seamless, based on your recommendations. We appreciate your kind words and professional demeanour and look forward to making your experience even more amazing.
Have a great day!