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Bearbeitet am 11. September 2023

The connection pixels are unstable, and I don't know when it was given a positive review.

Sonderverwaltungsregion Hongkong
Fast 2 jahre mit der App
Omega hat geantwortet 20. Oktober 2021

Hi there!
Thank you for taking the time to update the review, We appreciate your feedback, and I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience using our app. But we take this review update seriously since this is your experience with the app at the moment.

We have had an agent check your pixel on your store right after receiving your review update and still see the pixel is still working well on your store with the help of our app and no issue followed. We also contacted you via email to follow up on the case in further, could you please check your email and share with us the concern you are having with the pixel unstable connection? We appreciate any chance that we can have to support our customers.

Should you have any additional feedback, please share it with us via Your sharing will always be treasured at Omega!

Kaylee, Leader of Customer Support

7. Oktober 2022

This software is nonsense. At first, I have to say I had difficulties with Facebook Pixel (FB was not tracking my data accurately), so that was the main reason to install this app. Did you know the data will be shown in your FB ad manager with 3 days delay? I also did not. But if that is the case, I think, it should be written in the title, and then significantly fewer people will place trust in this app. That is not the only issue. While it does track events (that's why it gets two stars and not one), it does not do it correctly. The actual difference between the number of sales and purchase events tracked is having around 20% error margin in my opinion. When I tried to address the issue to Support reps, the answer I got was pretty surprising: they told me my other sales are organic :) I mean I wish that was true, but I have not even written meta tags yet, I have 2 subscribers across all my social channels and that is absolutely impossible. I also think the tone in which this was said is absolutely unacceptable: a guy named Andy told me that with 99% confidence he can assure me the software is working correctly and my sales are all organic. He also seemed quite arrogant and was very far from helpful. He also used a lot of laughing emojis, I don't know what made him so happy, but that is definitely not how you handle the customer complaints. At least I don't see what's so funny about my case. I don't like writing bad reviews, but this genius send me a link asking for it, so here you get it, a true and detailed review.

7 monate mit der App
Omega hat geantwortet 7. Oktober 2022

Thank you for taking the time to write a review. I appreciate your feedback, and I’m sorry to hear you had a frustrating experience.
I apologize on behalf of everyone at Omega. We know that dealing with Facebook reporting is very essential to optimize your ad campaign, but we are also aware that we can’t control other third parties, therefore, we have built an attribution report feature to track your campaign performance and I hope that you can give it a try. As you can see from other reviews, we are known for caring deeply about our customers. We can’t fix the past but we will use the feedback to make us better and to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I’m very sorry we failed to meet your expectations. We will investigate further on your case and give you an answer to your problem. I hope you will give us another chance so you can get the kind of excellent experience we’re known for.

Kaylee, Leader of the Customer Support Team