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31 de julio de 2016

didn't work, facebook was not able to process the rss feed

Happy Sale Se
Alrededor de 1 mes usando la aplicación
24 de julio de 2017

Shocking product - support requests ignored. Loads products we have in shopify as not to be available in Facebook. Does not cater to any currency but USD. Don't bother

Nueva Zelanda
14 días usando la aplicación
6 de mayo de 2019

I tried the free plan and it is useless, don't use it ever because you will get zero results, since they don't help customers with free plan then I didn't try any other plan, because it doesn't make sense if you offer a free plan just to let people buy the paid one, i tried AWESOME FACEBOOK FEED, it is paid app and it helped me a lot and i recommend it, from my experience I don't recommend Flexify

shopping zone
5 días usando la aplicación
24 de octubre de 2018

Sale price is not added in the feed, furthermore the feed is far from optimal. The developers really did a shitty job with this app..
Países Bajos
7 días usando la aplicación
6 de septiembre de 2018

DO NOT USE THIS APP. Literally the worst app I have ever used on shopify. Because of the way it uploaded my products to Facebook's catalogue it ruined the way my products were showing on Instagram (didn't show the before and after sale price, as it had been showing before). But when I asked the app developers about it they said I had to get the premium version for these to display properly.

After back and forth and them taking ages to reply I ended up deleting the app and deleting Facebook from Shopify in an attempt to reboot my store and get the products displaying correctly again. Now it won't work and nothing connects.

Biggest waste of time I've ever had. Incredibly frustrating and absolutely no help from the developers. Horrendous experience.

Pretty Without Pink
4 días usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 30 de mayo de 2018

Doesn't let you change google product category!

I did read the documentation and Google shopping channel doesn't work if your currency isn't USD.

STAY AWAY if your store currency isn't USD.

5 días usando la aplicación
19 de junio de 2018

Pathetic app, doesnt work gives memory buffer error.

Estados Unidos
5 días usando la aplicación
16 de enero de 2017

Great idea, but no support. It's not as easy as they make it out to be. Wish it would have worked.

Estados Unidos
7 días usando la aplicación
5 de mayo de 2018

Does not work. I get: Request timed out

Estados Unidos
2 días usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 8 de enero de 2020

I already had a connection with my Facebook store, but I wanted to improve it. By installing this application, my Facebook store was completely destroyed.

7 minutos usando la aplicación
Flexify AG respondió 8 de enero de 2020

Hi Altmazon,

This is Daniel from Flexify. Sorry to hear you are having trouble.
Please do not hesitate to reach out for help