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Facebook channel

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Sell on Facebook from the Shop section of your Facebook Page.

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Delta Vixen

Seriously! I've used this for a year now. Facebook is a big proponent of my sales. I've honestly considered doing away with shopify completely since I almost always end up having to invoice my customers since they can't click on the shop link on my facebook page and it work properly. Shopify also isn't syncing so no one sees my new items unless I post them directly. I thought the point of having this was to keep me from having to post in multiple places. Guess not.

The Better Dressed Traveler

As reported in the over 140 1-star reviews this app is nothing but the source of continued and repeated irritation. I currently have over 30 luxury brand bags and hats that apparently are live animals. No means of contacting Facebook. Nothing.

BlockBoy Apparel

This app is absolutely trash and doesn't work in the least sense of the word. Cannot add products to the catalog and the Facebook shop doesn't have any products whilst the Facebook app seems to be in a pending mode. TRASH, had this issue since mid 2018


This app is a piece of crap & does NOT display anything on FB.

Publish your shop
Your products aren’t currently published to Facebook. Enable your Facebook Shop to start selling on Facebook. <---------- pffffffffft get real... been hitting this enable your FB shop since OCT 2018. 48 hrs??? more like 48 years.


The app doesn't work. Products do not show up under "Shop" on the Facebook page and there's no way to get help. Very annoying and a waste of time!

Will & Adeline

A very unpleasant experience so far. So many questions that can't be answered. You cannot get direct support. Questions can't be found in their 'Help Center'. If there's a problem, they can't help. You can report the problem but they don't reply. There's no support whatsoever. Even as I try to send this, there's a problem.


s++t i wasted tons of money for programmer to fix product export and still doesn't work , very disappointing now . customer support is sh=t FB blames on Shopify - shopify to FB


i am having difficulty viewing my store as a customer, i have added products but i still get an error on facebook that my store is not visible to the public unless i enable which has already been done a long time ago.

Brangwen's Garden

Utterly useless as it refuses to even connect to my facebook page. Accepting T&C's just reloads the T&C page. As a new seller this is beyond frustrating, especially when other apps won't work since I'm not USA based.
Currently as much use as a pair of chocolate panties.

Ellema Home

I have used Shopify for my online shop for 2 years now and have linked up and used the 'shop now' button on facebook with success and been able to tag products within Instagram which I found really useful. Then in the last few weeks I've had nothing but glitches. It comes up in Shopify that many individual products are now not listed on facebook, that Facebook has disconnected my account and I have to verify it again and wait for approval. If I use anyone else's iphone/laptop to check what potential customers can view, I can see that my web page is still linked via the facebook shop now button but behind the scenes I cant tag products in Insta because my facebook catalogue cant be seen. Within 'sales channels' on shopify home page listings, looking at the facebook option, the product collections have a 'publish' button at the foot but while all the collections are there this button is greyed out. Now on Insta, any previous posts with tagged products are untagged. Great timing as my January sale is in full flow with no promotion available to me from the two main streams of social media I use - FB and Insta. Looking at other reviews it would seem Shopify and Facebook have a problem with each other and we are left with unresolved problems and potentially suffering a loss of sales or business leads as a result.

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