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Facebook channel

by Shopify

Sell on Facebook from the Shop section of your Facebook Page.

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Scoot Central

I would give it a zero star if it's an option. Integration is really complicated. Not in the Shopify page, from straight from Facebook's business manager page. Pixel integration is not seamless and too complicated to understand. I was not able to fix the issue even after seeking support from both Shopify and Facebook.

Brew Lucky

I love that Facebook is making selling online easier! This is a great resource for additional revenue through a site that people are already on!

Godsey Supply

I seriously wish they would get this working again. I thought I was entirely alone, but suddenly one day all my products in our Facebook shop just vanished. I have been literally PLEADING with Facebook support and Shopify to get this integration fixed as product tagging (a major conversion factor) has just totally stopped working.



But good luck getting an actual answer. I was told it was a policy violation, but then told by every other representative that it was an integration issue with Shopify. There has been almost ZERO transparency from Facebook in regards to this issue. I would so much rather them come out and say, "Look, we don't know. We're working on it..."

I have been fighting with this problem for over SEVEN WEEKS now. It has to be the Schema microdata that Shopify is using that is out of date or not in support with Facebook properly. I am ready to open my SECOND store now but I am so scared that this integration isn't going to work there (conveniently this does not appear to be affecting major stores that are super high volume)

DO NOT INSTALL UNTIL THEY GET THIS FIXED. It is absolutely absurd that we aren't getting any real updates on this problem from Facebook or Shopify. (And we all know that Shopify has AMAZING customer support so what on earth? I expected it from Facebook, but Shopify has always been on top of problems. When will they handle this one?)

I will 100% change my review back to 5 stars when they get this fixed for all of us. I love Shopify, but damn this is a hard hitting issue.

Dreyer Creative Industrie

Vous bloque lors du paramétrage de votre compte , sans motif , alors que vous avez inséré le pixel etc..et si on a payé pour la pub ?...

Vous ne pouvez pas utiliser Facebook dans l’immédiat Nous examinons la photo que vous nous avez envoyée.

Nous veillons sans cesse à votre sécurité, c’est pourquoi vous ne pourrez pas utiliser Facebook tant que la photo n’aura pas été examinée.

Cabinet Anne

What a load of bollocks. Nobody deals with the issues and they are almost exactly the same issue published over and over again - so clearly bitching about it doesn't appear to motivate either Shopify or FB to sort this out. The fact that this app has an inherent problem doesn't stop either from promoting it or to offer any indication as to the strategy behind punting a crappy app! You disappoint me!

Well Juicery Canada

I have installed it a million times, when I click on the sales channel it just redirects to apps. nothing happens


Esta aplicación funciona bien, sin embargo, la función mas importante tiene un detalle que no permite su uso. El problema radica en que es IMPOSIBLE vincular directamente la tienda con una Business Account, siempre será vinculado a la Personal Ad Account y las propiedades, por ejemplo catalogos, serán de Shopify. Por lo anterior, no es posible vincular el pixel de seguimiento de otra cuenta a estos catalogos, ni tampoco vincular los catalogos a otra tienda...

Es absurdo que pase eso, but whatever. Tendré que pagar una subscripción premium de otra app. MAL!!


Man I use to live for this app, it made so easy to tag my photos on instagram. It wasn’t updating so i disconneced it and for the pass week I’ve been trying to get my catalogs to show up on my page this sucks! They need to fix this like yesterday!

Blackbird Corner

I thought it was just me! I've been struggling for a week trying to get my shopify collections/products to show on facebook. It was fine when I first started using it but it's not been syncing for the last week or so that I noticed! Why is noone working on fixing this? Does nobody read the reviews? Why has there not been a message sent to the app users to let us know there's a known issue so we don't waste valuable time going in circles trying to fix this?


The app is NOT working. Support says the same things as these other reviews "Facebook maintenance etc." Upon contacting FB, they weren't aware of any maintenance in regards to the Business pages..

I don't know what else to do really. I could download a third party app but even then, they ask you to pay for features that this app itself gives you for free.

Why is no one doing anything about this?

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