Facebook Shop channel

Facebook Shop channel

by Shopify

Sell on Facebook from the Shop section of your Facebook Page.

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Northern Sun

Unfortunately, i had the same experience as alot of other reviewers before me. Decided to 'upgrade' my facebook store but that didn't worked out so well...

First of all your product photo's have to be squares, if they are not they will be cut off and this will look unproffesional on your facebook page. With the previous app this wasn't an issue.

Beside that, there is no way to order your products. Facebook decides for you how to order them and this seems pretty random (or probably with some fancy algorithms that none of us will understand).

On top of that, there used to be an option that customers were re-directed to your product page. When a customer clicked on your product in the facebook store, they were redirected to your website or the checkout page (there was an option for the admin to choose). Now they are being directed too the checkout page (either via facebook or shopify) and there is no option anymore for directing them to your regular product page. Pushing customers towards the checkout without even seeing your regular shopify store/website is too pushy for my opinion.

At last, and for some of you this might be no issue at all. There is no way to adjust the tab name. In the previous app we could think of any tab name that we wanted and just put out there mannn... Back in the days...

All in all: 1 out of 5, don't upgrade!

Pop Up Wine

Rubbish. They take away the option of self collection for customers. I can smell a rat. A financial tie-up with Facebook so that all financial transactions go through FB and Shopify and not via cash through customer and shop. How will this possible work for Shopify POS customers where all products are purchased in store.

Indi Retro

Absolute rubbish! I had a great Facebook Store using the old app and this new one has completely ruined it. DISCONNECTED!


It's just riduculous how everything is ruined with this new app.
You need to allow using vertical images, this is essential to everyone who sells clothes. Some of the collections do not meet the facebook requirements and I have no idea why. I had to remove the facebook store completely. Thank you very much.


have to turn it off! previous app for facebook store was not perfect but better!


Bad – Doesn't work with digital downloads (i.e. products with no shipping). Should be an option to downgrade.

Pink Charlie

This is horrible and I mean horrible!!!!! Whoever designed this conversion should be fired!!!! Picture conversion is terrible....cut-off, distorted, and who chose the order of featured products? Deleting this from my Facebook page. Definitely not the image I want to project. You need to go back to the drawing board. So disappointed!!! I would give this review no stars, but won't allow me to.


Very big thumbs down. I feel let down by Shopify on this one. Choosing a service that would force Shopify customers into agreeing to Facebook's terms and conditions? Shame on you. Especially when the Facebook App was working just fine moments before I decided to follow through on the store integration. On top of all this, I can't list or sell digital products on my Facebook shop. I sell digital books!!!!! How useless is that?!


Lost experience... nothing is clear... dashboard is like IT engineers portal...

Stellaremnant Com

I think I liked the old app better. I decided to try the new (integrated) Facebook Sales Channel which forced me to delete the app. I did it and now I'm not happy with it at all. Facebook Sales Terms & Policies (which I MUST accept) do not meet the specifics of my products and I'm sure many others who reads "Terms & Conditions" will find it too strict and uncompromising. By accepting these terms, feel like I'll have a landlord in my own house. Ideally, Facebook Store should just be used to direct people straight to your website, not out of it.

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