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Facebook Shop channel

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Sell on Facebook from the Shop section of your Facebook Page.

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Styled by J.R.

Facebook shop is very difficult to connect, if you're not computer savvy you will have issues. When i finally got it to connect It kept saying certain products were not authorized. Like for instance a handbag was denied saying it was a dating site. Really!! Whatever program they use to scan products i hate it. I totally understand if a product goes against policy. Also, if you are selling a personal product say a pair of nike shoes it blocks you saying it violates policy. The only way it works at time is don't list the name brand. You can dispute it but it's not worth the time 9 out 10 you will be denied and it takes forever for them to answer back.

Developer reply

November 18, 2019

Thank you for sharing this information about your experience with the Facebook Shop app. I'm sorry for the difficulties you had with connecting the app, though I'm glad to hear it's now connected. There is a review process (http://bit.ly/2qtbxzd) that takes place before the app can be connected, so it's possible that the connection delay was due to this.

In terms of the products that were denied, please ensure that any products added to the Facebook Shop channel meet these requirements: http://bit.ly/2KxHX2o. The products also need to be in line with Facebook's Commerce Policy (http://bit.ly/2nCo4i2) and their Community Standards (http://bit.ly/37kVbZV).

I'm going to follow up with you via email so that we can discuss this in more detail, and so that I can provide more assistance. I'll be in touch soon! - Rae, Shopify Support

The Attik, St Annes

Useless. Firstly they claim it takes 'up to 48hrs' to sync to Facebook, even after 48hrs, collections not displaying correctly. There is an option to only export certain collections to Facebook, which is great, BUT, all products are still shown in a group at the bottom, what is the point in that.

So if you have 10,000 products, but only want to export 1 collection to Facebook, that collection will show, BUT all the other 10,000 products will also show at the bottom !!! Ridiculous.

Developer reply

November 15, 2019

Thank you for sharing this feedback with us. Sometimes when you're first setting up your Facebook shop there can be syncing errors, or certain products will not get approved. You can check whether there have been any approval issues in your admin under Facebook>Publishing. If there has been a syncing error our team will be able to perform a re-sync for you!

Only products that are set to be available on Facebook will appear on your Facebook shop. This means that if you're seeing products on there that aren't in the collections you wish to appear, you can simply set them to unavailable in your Shopify admin! This page shows how to do that (http://bit.ly/2pmDVCt)!

I will also follow up with you via email in case I can provide any further assistance on this. -Lizzy, Shopify Support

ugly is the new black

Like all the other complaints, it won't connect the account. I'm admin, using the shopping template... instead of saying you'll contact directly by email, suggest solutions here to help everyone. Is there a support page? These 1 star reviews are ruining the reputation, even if you get it fixed.

Developer reply

November 12, 2019

Thanks for leaving us a review. I'm sorry to hear that you're unable to connect to your Facebook Business Page through the Facebook Shop App. Connectivity issues can occur for a number of reasons within Shopify or Facebook. By connecting over email, we can work together to troubleshoot the exact issue you're experiencing and determine the most appropriate steps to take.

I appreciate you identifying that you're the Admin and have the Shopping Template set within your Facebook Settings. Are you seeing any error messages? I've gone ahead and sent you an email in order to learn more about what you're seeing when attempting to connect to Facebook so that we can investigate and resolve it for you. I understand the importance of selling through social media, and I'd be happy to see how we can support your business. - Ryder, Shopify Support

The Online Hub Store

I AM NOT ABLE TO SEE MY PRODUCT ON FACEBOOK SHOP PLEASE HELP OTHERWISE I HAVE TO CANCEL THE SUBSCRIPTION......................................................................

Developer reply

November 12, 2019

Thanks for leaving a review. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you're having seeing your products in the Shop section of your Facebook Business Page. I'd be happy to talk further to better understand the issue you're facing and see that it's addressed.

I've reached out to you via email to learn more about how we can support you. I hope to hear from you soon! - Ryder, Shopify Support

It's Witchy

Originally, I was very happy with the app. I had everything set up fine and working great but suddenly it won't connect and is telling me "To sell on Facebook, you need to have a Facebook Page for the account you’re signed in with. You also need to have Admin access for that account. If you don’t have a Facebook Page for your store, you can create one."

I am the only page admin and no other information has changed but now I cannot connect.

Developer reply

November 12, 2019

Thank you for leaving a review. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you've recently encountered with the Facebook Shop app. This can sometimes be a result of the Facebook Settings, but I'd be happy to take a deeper look into this for you as I understand the importance of selling through social media.

I've gone ahead and sent you an email to request further information to determine the appropriate next steps. Hope to hear back from you soon. - Ryder, Shopify Support


This app is not even worth a star. Very bad application, do not use this bullshit. Nothing works, I don't even know why they made this.

Developer reply

November 8, 2019

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that your experience was so disappointing. I'd like to work together with you to get the Facebook Shop working for your business so I've sent you an email to follow up on this and I hope to hear back from you! -Emma, Shopify Support

Willow & Olive

If I could leave zero stars I would. I have a FB page, and it won't connect. I also have been denied IG as well. This has been going on for months. The hours I have spent on this, trying to make this work, is too many to count. I am seriously thinking about leaving Shopify so I can find another provider that works seamlessly with Instagram and Facebook for shopping. PLEASE someone help me!!!

Developer reply

November 6, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to leave this feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you've been experiencing these issues.

There are a few things we can check on right away! In your Facebook page settings are you listed as an admin? If so, you will also want to double check that the page is published. If it is you may need to adjust your page template so that it is set to "Shopping".

I will be following up with you via email to walk through these steps and continue to help with your account set up! I look forward to continuing our conversation. - Lizzy | Shopify Support

Mål Paper

Avoid. No end of issues trying to uninstall this app. Support is fairly quick to come back to you but hasn't resolved the issue so far.

Developer reply

November 6, 2019

Thank you for sharing this feedback. I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've had with uninstalling this integration. The Facebook Shop app can be removed directly within the Shopify admin by clicking 'Settings > Sales channels' and selecting the trash can icon beside 'Facebook Shop'.

I'm going to send you a follow up email to discuss your experience further, and provide more assistance with this. I'll be in touch soon! - Rae, Shopify Support


very bad. It did not connect to my account.........................................................................

Developer reply

November 6, 2019

Thank you for sharing this review. I understand that you've had some troubles trying to connect your account to the Facebook Shop integration, so I'd like to follow up with you via email so we can troubleshoot this further. Please keep an eye out for my email, and feel free to follow up with me directly for more assistance. I look forward to speaking with you soon! - Rae, Shopify Support

Exotic Bear Women's Fashion Boutique

I have had a facebook shop until recently. Now it says I am not an admin for this page. I had to reconnect all my products but now I cannot even see it as a page in the drop down menu. I have paid a lot of money to FB and this what I get in return ! If there was a zero rating I would rate this a zero. Shopify is no help. Maybe I will migrate to another ecommerce platform. I am sick of all this BS !!!!!!!!!! I have 3 shops and 3 shopify stores. and only 2 FB shops can be connected. I have tried everything wasting hours on this
There are twice as many 1 stars vs 5 stars so there is a problem !!!!!!!!!!!.

Developer reply

November 6, 2019

Thank you for writing your review and I'm sorry to hear that you've had issues with the Facebook integration. There have been some known issues affecting the connection between merchants' Facebook pages and their Shopify stores, however we do have some solutions we know to work. I will be touching base with you shortly over email so I can find out more on the problems you're experiencing to see if I can help, so please look out for that and get back to me if you're still requiring assistance. -Victor, Shopify Support