Facebook Shop channel

Facebook Shop channel

par Shopify

Sell on Facebook from the Shop section of your Facebook Page.

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Sell from your Facebook Page

Create a Facebook Shop and let shoppers buy your products from Facebook.

Share your collections

Post collections to your Facebook timeline to highlight products and increase their discoverability.

Post shoppable Facebook photos

Build engagement around your products by tagging them in your photos and letting shoppers purchase from your posts.

À propos de Facebook Shop channel

Sell on Facebook

Give shoppers a way to discover and buy your products from your store’s Facebook Page. Use the Facebook Shop channel to create a Facebook Shop and manage your products from Shopify. Share and tag products in Facebook posts to grow your discoverability on Facebook. You can choose to further the reach of your posts using Facebook’s paid boosted posts.

With Shopify and the Facebook Shop channel, you can:

  • add a Facebook Shop to your Facebook Page
  • manage the products on your Facebook Shop
  • arrange the order of the collections on your Facebook Shop
  • let customers check out on Facebook (US stores using Shopify Payments)
  • fulfill orders placed on Facebook
  • track Facebook sales using your sales channel overview and Analytics pages

Eligibility requirements

To use the Facebook Shop channel, you need to:

  • be the admin for the Facebook Page you want to sell from
  • sell in a currency supported by Facebook
  • have a customer email in the store details section of your general Shopify settings

Learn more about selling on Facebook by visiting the website in the "Sales and support" section of this page.

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2.5 de 5 étoiles
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Styled by J.R.

Facebook shop is very difficult to connect, if you're not computer savvy you will have issues. When i finally got it to connect It kept saying certain products were not authorized. Like for instance a handbag was denied saying it was a dating site. Really!! Whatever program they use to scan products i hate it. I totally understand if a product goes against policy. Also, if you are selling a personal product say a pair of nike shoes it blocks you saying it violates policy. The only way it works at time is don't list the name brand. You can dispute it but it's not worth the time 9 out 10 you will be denied and it takes forever for them to answer back.

The Attik, St Annes

Useless. Firstly they claim it takes 'up to 48hrs' to sync to Facebook, even after 48hrs, collections not displaying correctly. There is an option to only export certain collections to Facebook, which is great, BUT, all products are still shown in a group at the bottom, what is the point in that.

So if you have 10,000 products, but only want to export 1 collection to Facebook, that collection will show, BUT all the other 10,000 products will also show at the bottom !!! Ridiculous.

ugly is the new black

Like all the other complaints, it won't connect the account. I'm admin, using the shopping template... instead of saying you'll contact directly by email, suggest solutions here to help everyone. Is there a support page? These 1 star reviews are ruining the reputation, even if you get it fixed.