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  • Sell products directly on Facebook
  • Creates Shop tab for your Facebook Page
  • Customers can purchase quickly without leaving Facebook

Sell directly on Facebook with Shopify:

With Facebook Shop you can sell products directly on your Facebook Page, and customers can checkout quickly without leaving Facebook on desktop of mobile.


  • Easy: Setup is simple and done directly on Shopify

  • Save time: Changes to products automatically sync to your Facebook Shop

  • Stay organized: Inventory and sales made via Facebook Shop are managed on Shopify

  • Customize collections: Choose only the products you’d like to feature on Facebook

  • Onsite checkout: Customers don’t need to leave Facebook if buying in USD

  • Save and share: Easy for customers to save and share your products with friends

More ways to drive sales from Facebook:

If you're looking for an easy way to drive more sales from Facebook, try Kit—powered by Shopify.

Kit is free and exclusive to Shopify store owners with the Online Store channel.

How does Kit help drive sales?

Kit leverages the Facebook pixel and shows your ads to shoppers who are most likely to buy. This drives conversion, and delivers better profit against your ad spend.

Over time with Kit you'll reach more customers, and drive even more sales!

Learn more about driving sales from Facebook with Kit.

Facebook reviews

277 reviews
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  5. 1 star (77 reviews)

Easy to setup and works great. Very happy with this app.


Really easy to add and all my items showed up. I'd like a bit more control of what order they are in but for now its all good.


The bugs are fixed, now it operates quite well. Always happy to see an extra free feature for my Shopify store :)


How come it is not working for me? It cannot add my store.


It literally took 5 minutes to get it up and running! The only issue is the way the products are filtered, in alphabetical order (vertically through 3 columns), instead of the order I have them in Shopify. I like to have my best sellers first!


Once again Shopify - thank you! It took less than 5 minutes to install and works perfectly. We have over 10,000 SKU's in our store and it manages it perfectly. We have chosen only to list featured / sale items.


This app was easy to install and use. My only but major complaint is that it does not put all of our products into our facebook store. For some unknown reason, it only includes a varying number of products from each category. Is there a limit of how many products can be displayed on FB that I am not aware of? Or is it the app's limitation?


Wow -- if only every app could be this easy. Worked really well so far. read the FAQ for a great tip on how to help people find your store on your FB page (add an Arrow picture to your photos....)


We have been trying to install this app for about 2 weeks now. Support had notified us once that everything was fixed and ready to go, but it wasn't. Now I was asked to wait again. Really looking forward to using this app once it's available. Any suggestions from others?



This app was very helpful to us. Our facebook page for DriveSafeRideSafe, now has a tab where all our products show up. I'll share a few specific hints from my experience.

1. Even though you're downloading the app for a business page on Facebook, you still have to be signed in to Facebook first as a PERSON. So don't worry that you're about to somehow put this in the wrong place because of that confusion. Log in to Facebook as yourself. Then download the app from Shopify. It's not going to end up on your personal page.

2. We have 3 collections, but I wanted my Facebook visitors to see ALL our products at once, instead of seeing them as different sets to click through. I was not convinced that they'd really notice the drop-down menu option, and the collection that I would have preferred to show up in front, was not showing up that way. Here was my peculiar solution: I created another collection in our Shopify store that includes ALL our products. It's actually HIDDEN in Shopify; it is not visible anywhere in my navigation on our storefront. But this app still let me choose that Collection! And it shows up just fine! That works great for my purpose; it lets me have a page on Facebook where ALL the products show up, but that choice is not on our normal website, where it would create confusion.

3. My final tip: I was able to make the tab with our products show up in Facebook as the 2nd tab under our banner graphic, but I was concerned that visitors might not notice it. Facebook seems to require the first tab to be "Photos" ....... so I created a graphic that is an arrow pointing right, and uploaded it as our most recent Photo. That forces the visitor's eyes to notice the 2nd tab, which is a graphic that invites them to click to view our SOLUTIONS. If I upload any other photo, that will default to the Photos box, but I can always re-upload my arrow graphic again to keep that visible in that spot.

Hope some of that is helpful to other folks.


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