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  • Sell products directly on Facebook
  • Creates Shop tab for your Facebook Page
  • Customers can purchase quickly without leaving Facebook

Sell directly on Facebook with Shopify:

With Facebook Shop you can sell products directly on your Facebook Page, and customers can checkout quickly without leaving Facebook on desktop of mobile.


  • Easy: Setup is simple and done directly on Shopify

  • Save time: Changes to products automatically sync to your Facebook Shop

  • Stay organized: Inventory and sales made via Facebook Shop are managed on Shopify

  • Customize collections: Choose only the products you’d like to feature on Facebook

  • Onsite checkout: Customers don’t need to leave Facebook if buying in USD

  • Save and share: Easy for customers to save and share your products with friends

More ways to drive sales from Facebook:

If you're looking for an easy way to drive more sales from Facebook, try Kit—powered by Shopify.

Kit is free and exclusive to Shopify store owners with the Online Store channel.

How does Kit help drive sales?

Kit leverages the Facebook pixel and shows your ads to shoppers who are most likely to buy. This drives conversion, and delivers better profit against your ad spend.

Over time with Kit you'll reach more customers, and drive even more sales!

Learn more about driving sales from Facebook with Kit.

Facebook reviews

274 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (48 reviews)
  3. 3 stars (14 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (13 reviews)
  5. 1 star (75 reviews)

Great app making my FB page more like a label with actual products!


Excellent app! I installed it on my shopify store http://www.geekfactors.com and it worked like a charm!


Awesome App. Works well



The integrated Shopify Facebook store replaces this app, and it's a terrible downgrade in customer functionality, aesthetics and control. Unfortunately, once you 'upgrade' the app to the integrated store, you can no longer return to the previous app-version of the Facebook store. The Store in the integrated Facebook page only shows one scrollable line for a Facebook-visible collection followed by an All Products section which, remarkably, ignores all Facebook visibility tags and shows every product in your store. There's also no way no manually order your products in your collections because Facebook selects the order using an algorithm which, judging from our store, doesn't rank the products in any rational way. We've disabled the integrated Facebook store completely until it's improved. Yikes.


For the longest time I thought I had upgraded the latest facebook app on shopify and was figuring out how to delete the old version. Turns out the new version was the old version and the old version is the new one you get right now. This is one of those few times where the upgrade is a lot worse. In the way it displays my product images and the way it offers little flexibility in how I want to arrange my products and tabs. Frustrating to say the least.


Unfortunately, i had the same experience as alot of other reviewers before me. Decided to 'upgrade' my facebook store but that didn't worked out so well...

First of all your product photo's have to be squares, if they are not they will be cut off and this will look unproffesional on your facebook page. With the previous app this wasn't an issue.

Beside that, there is no way to order your products. Facebook decides for you how to order them and this seems pretty random (or probably with some fancy algorithms that none of us will understand).

On top of that, there used to be an option that customers were re-directed to your product page. When a customer clicked on your product in the facebook store, they were redirected to your website or the checkout page (there was an option for the admin to choose). Now they are being directed too the checkout page (either via facebook or shopify) and there is no option anymore for directing them to your regular product page. Pushing customers towards the checkout without even seeing your regular shopify store/website is too pushy for my opinion.

At last, and for some of you this might be no issue at all. There is no way to adjust the tab name. In the previous app we could think of any tab name that we wanted and just put out there mannn... Back in the days...

All in all: 1 out of 5, don't upgrade!


Rubbish. They take away the option of self collection for customers. I can smell a rat. A financial tie-up with Facebook so that all financial transactions go through FB and Shopify and not via cash through customer and shop. How will this possible work for Shopify POS customers where all products are purchased in store.


Absolute rubbish! I had a great Facebook Store using the old app and this new one has completely ruined it. DISCONNECTED!


It's just riduculous how everything is ruined with this new app.
You need to allow using vertical images, this is essential to everyone who sells clothes. Some of the collections do not meet the facebook requirements and I have no idea why. I had to remove the facebook store completely. Thank you very much.


have to turn it off! previous app for facebook store was not perfect but better!


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