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1. August 2021

Too many errors after adding this. Old pixel is still on fb, unable to edit iOS preferences for new pixel. Unable to change the old pixel in running ads.

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Meta hat geantwortet 3. August 2021

Hey there,

Robyn here from Shopify. Thank you for taking the time to share your review of the Facebook Channel with us. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. I'm sorry to hear of the struggles you are facing with the pixel. While Shopify support the installation of this, we don't have access to the existing pixel on the Facebook side. That being said, I'm going to look into this and follow up with you in an email to open up the lines of communication here so I can see if I can help you any further.

Robyn | Shopify

13. Juli 2021

I tried to sync with the facebook channel. All I sell in my shopify store is gellyfit gel polish, some brushes and cuticle oils! I've had so many of my products rejected on the basis that they breach some regulation or other with regard to nicotine???!!!! I'm honestly baffled with some of the BS they have come up with to reject my products when literally everything is Gel polish!!!

Vereinigtes Königreich
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Meta hat geantwortet 14. Juli 2021

Thank you for your review and sharing your feedback. This definitely does not sound like the ideal experience. When it comes to product approval this is something determined directly by Facebook that Shopify does not have a hand it. I would be more than happy to share resources on contacting Facebook to appeal not approved products, and will be in touch by email shortly to provide further details. - Anna, Shopify Support

30. Juni 2021


Kamand Italie
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Meta hat geantwortet 1. Juli 2021

Hi there. My name is Spencer, I’m with Shopify Support and I’m really glad you reached out to share this valuable feedback with us. I'm sorry to hear you have had an issue getting some of your products approved by Facebook. I'm going to be reaching out to you to open up some communication and see if there is anything we can do to help you with your product setup. Spencer | Shopify Support

29. Mai 2021

My account keeps getting disabled. I fix the problem (send an email), it's released, and a few days later locked again. I gave my personal account authorization to ads, edits, and whatever else. I started using that and it did the same thing. It would be disabled, I'd do it he review thing, send an email, and be released. I'll set a budget and be able to run an ad for whatever selected time. Afterwards I'd receive a receipt, insights, and more recommendations on posts that should be used as an ad. When I go to promote I'm unable and I he process starts all over. I asked to remove my whole ad account to just start from scratch, but no go.

CPC Kids & Company
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Meta hat geantwortet 3. Juni 2021

Hey there! We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. While we at Shopify developed the app and support its function, account restrictions are handled by Facebook themselves. I've sent you an email with some contact information for Facebook so you can touch base with them as well. Looking forward to hearing from you! - Jake | Support Specialist

16. Mai 2021

Had a lot of problems but now for over two weeks-going three I can't publish any ads from Shopify via Facebook. I constantly get the same error message "A problem with Facebook prevented your activity from being published. Try to republish in a few minutes." I tried multiple things, uninstalled the app, installed it again, disconnected my account, and connected it again, nothing really works.

Witch's Ayurvedic Brew
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Meta hat geantwortet 17. Mai 2021

Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and experience with the Facebook Channel.

It's totally understandable how this message can be concerning while trying to publish your Ads. I will be following up with you through email to make sure we get this solved for you as soon as possible. Looking forward to chatting with you!

Paola | Support Specialist

11. Mai 2021

My website has received more than 1,000 visits and the facebook pixel has only registered 151, of the almost 200 carts it has only registered 4, 10 purchases in the last week and none registered on facebook. Now I want to do retargeting and I can't, because my data is very low, but I have already spent more than 300$ in ads. What do I do now? The cpc are getting higher and higher and the data collected more and more erroneous. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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Meta hat geantwortet 12. Mai 2021

Thanks for sharing your feedback! We work hard to improve our app functionality, so I’d like to look into this further for you. I’ve sent out to an email to you and hope to hear more of your thoughts soon. - Marcus, Shopify Support

21. April 2021

Would be good, but instead sends notifications to followers of new items add to Facebook shop for no reason. I cannot turn this feature off and i feel this is affecting how my followers view our brand.

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7. April 2021

Good app. Easier to use. Connects to accounts by a click, faster and better for website mobile users.

Sayra Exclusive
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Meta hat geantwortet 23. April 2021

Thanks for sharing your feedback! We appreciate the kind review. I’ve sent out an email to you and would love to hear more about your goals for the app and assist in anyway that I can. I look forward to your reply! - Jamilah, Shopify Support

31. März 2021

Facebook has become very difficult to manage. Too many information that comes in bulk instead of through the process of setting up a business account. It made me hire someone to do it and it was a very bad experience so now I will have to set it up all myself.

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Meta hat geantwortet 2. April 2021

Thanks for taking the time to submit a review! I've sent you an email with some information about navigating the channel, and would love to chat more about any issues you ran into. Look forward to hearing from you - Jake, Shopify Support

26. März 2021

This channel repeatedly told me my products and shop was approved, but when I went to the Shopify Commerce Center, that was not true.

Dogwood Harbor
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Meta hat geantwortet 29. März 2021

Hey there! Thanks for your feedback - we are always looking for ways to improve the functionality of our app for current and future merchants. I’ve sent out to an email to you and hope to hear back from you soon. - Jake, Shopify Support