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25 maart 2023

doesn't make sense! It keeps saying:

"Each asset is already associated with a different shop. Please disable one to proceed."

with no option to proceed. No phone support. Nothing.

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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 4 jaar
21 maart 2023

Hello, could you please check what happens when my catalog is not connected to facebook or rather when I connect to fb some products are connected, not all, that is what appears on the shopify platform and the sales manager on facebook shows me another catalog, with another name and with my products, some of which do not have updated prices. I already spoke to facebook I did what they told me but it was not solved. I also turn to you since I have ads running and now it does not show me the most visited products on the platform, therefore I need you to review the platform and give me a solution urgently. Thank you so much

New Black
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App gebruikt gedurende Bijna 3 jaar
20 maart 2023

Dogshit platform, every ad account gets banned and deleted for no reason. What's up with that Mark? Fix this shit

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19 maart 2023

Não estou conseguindo conectar minha conta. Poderiam ajudar? Dou mais estrelas assim que resolverem. Problema: Este conta não pode ser selecionado porque não tem uma presença estabelecida no Instagram. Tente novamente quando seu conta tiver mais atividade ou selecione um ativo diferente. No entanto, a página já tem 1 mês e possui alguns seguidores.

Cozinha Prática
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een maand
18 maart 2023

I have already tried to connect this application several times, but Facebook says my store https://oliveoil.green/ is “violating integrity policies”.
Support sucks. Either no one answers my questions or some stupid bots are talking nonsense.
Ok, I won't violate your integrity policies anymore.
Bye Facebook, I'm deleting you with tears in my eyes and I will miss you so much!

App gebruikt gedurende Bijna 3 jaar
15 maart 2023

Horrible, if one does not pay for Ad then facebook will not allow others to see the page of what you are selling and you will not be able to sell on facebook, the Facebook Ad are a scam they charge you too much and when one sees in Shopify the analytics you will realize that facebook is scamming one since they are not the same as facebook charges you, for example facebook charges you for 10 visits that made to your page and when one sees in Shopify only visited 5 people , Facebook stole you money

Te Ves Linda
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11 maart 2023

Items are saying they are visible in Shopify, FB and IG, they do not show on either of the profile. And they are active.

Unlocked Visions LLC
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden
11 maart 2023

Facebook has continued to delete my business from the app without providing me with details so that fake bots have now taken over my business account using my followers data to harrass them!

Inspired By US Shop
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9 maart 2023

I am having nothing but problems using the direct integration feature that is supposed to directly connect my Shopify store to my Facebook and Instagram. Although the items are saying they are visible in Shopify, FB and Insta, they do not show on either of the profile. And they are active.

Stripe It Golf
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App gebruikt gedurende 7 dagen
9 maart 2023

Spent about 10 hours over the phone so far trying to get my products to sync. First/initial setup was OK I was able to sync about 75% of our products, some were missing, then I realised newly added products were not syncing... so I tried to fix this issue and has been ongoing for weeks and taking up a huge amount of time. You'd think the official FB app would be working ok for the most part but i've had nothing but issues. Also despite doing multiple screenshares, emails, sending screenshots and more... they are still unable to fix this issue. Now I have products "stuck" on FB that I cannot delete (many 1000s) because you can only do it within this app and the app after reinstalling it in an attempt to fix is syncing a total of 0 products this time around... which means that we are STILL trying to find workarounds. Going to try another app and see if I can resolve this. But even if Meta do manage to resolve my issues, I am 100% not satisfied with the overall experience and time waste i've had to incur because of this app not working properly from the get-go. This has caused me some levels of stress and unhappiness - naturally as no one likes their time wasted!

Attic Discovery Shop
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