Facebook channel

Facebook channel


Bring your products to Facebook and Instagram users.

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Simple to set up

Quickly connect your main Facebook accounts and your products will automatically sync so can promote them on Facebook or Instagram.

Build your audience

Use free and paid marketing tools to reach new customers and promote your products across Facebook and Instagram, without leaving Shopify.

Easily manage products

Manage your products, view approved products for selling and marketing, resolve product issues, and track ad activity all from the channel.

有關 Facebook channel

The Facebook Channel gives you all the tools you need to successfully sell and market across Facebook and Instagram. Discover new opportunities to help you scale and grow your business, and manage all your Facebook accounts and products from one place.

Simple setup

One-time account connection across all the places you want to sell and market with Facebook. Once you connect your accounts, all your Shopify products will automatically sync to your catalog on Facebook. Your catalog holds information about all the items you want to sell or market on Facebook and Instagram and is a requirement to sell with Instagram, Facebook Shops & Facebook Marketing. Easily set up your Facebook pixel to better understand customer behaviour and traffic, and to help you create effective marketing campaigns.

Sell from anywhere with the new Facebook Shops

Give shoppers a new online shopping experience with a custom online storefront that will showcase your brand’s story. Create a single shop for both Facebook and Instagram to sell your product and collections and seamlessly manage your orders in Shopify. Your followers can now automatically check out via your website or directly on the app (US only).

Sell products with Instagram Shopping

Give shoppers a new way to buy from your store by tagging products in your posts and stories. Once you are approved for Instagram Shopping, all you have to do is connect your catalog from the mobile app. Your followers can now check out on your website or directly on the app (US only). When checking out on Instagram, customers can take advantage of the speed and security of Shop Pay. Additionally, any products you tag, will also show up in your shop tab that lets shoppers browse your shoppable posts —all in one place.

Advertise with free and paid ads

Use marketing features to help engage followers, build your audience, and boost sales. You can create Facebook audience building ads to help new customers find your online store and promote up to 5 products in a carousel ad. Dynamic retargeting ads further enhance your ad strategy by allowing you to retarget shoppers that visited your store, getting you closer to making a sale. Target the right audience with interest-based targeting or lookalike audiences. Choose a budget, along with campaign start and end dates that work for you. For low risk marketing, you can also use tools like social page posts to build brand loyalty and promote discount codes to your Facebook Page followers.


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When you run a campaign, you set the budget and the ad spend is billed directly to your Facebook ad account.

4.5 5 顆星

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Jewelry Secrets

Facebook is a disaster. Unable to verify myself. Their verification process isn't working. Facebook's biz page messed up my Instagram account when I connected the two - couldn't have that special SHOP function on Instagram for my Shopify store without a Facebook page. Unable to connect with anyone for anything at anytime for assistance over there at Facebook. They're threatening to permanently disable the ad account in like 25 more days or something. So what. Go ahead. Who cares. I never had Facebook or Instagram up until a few months ago so very easy for me to kick them both to the curb. No more SHOP on Instagram because Facebook is lame. Poor Instagram. Anymore of this type of behavior, their marriage will be headed straight for a divorce. After reviewing my own ad spend on my various platforms, Facebook is ultimately doing me a favor. By permanently deactivating my ad account, they will have unintentionally saved me a ton of money and future heartache. When they finally deactivate it, I'll be sure to shut everything down and move on never to return again but will 1000% talk about the whole entire experience to EVERYONE. On the flip side, Shopify has been fantastic! Shopify does their best to assist on their end but they're even limited due to Facebook's lack of concern, commitment, or care. I truly believe the brilliant minds at Shopify could build something better and straight up compete. I would love that! That really would be amazing.


This app will kill your budget, the bug come up at 10th but after 10 days they dont fix it, i have to turn off ads account because of this app


Pathetic! It is not even allowing us to connect the Facebook ad account for pixels. Very disappointing!