Factory4me ‑ Print on Demand

Factory4me ‑ Print on Demand


You create and sell. We’ll manufacture, brand, package & ship

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Free mockup generator

You do not need special software, everything is available in a few clicks. Quickly showcase your designs on all our products.

No minimums. No inventory.

We print on-demand. No need to worry about stock.

Fully Automated

Orders are automatically synced and fulfilled with our service.

Factory4me ‑ Print on Demand 정보

Start Selling Custom Printed products In Minutes!

Factory4me is your own cost-free printing factory. Do you have any graphic ideas? Let's turn them into high-quality products for your Shopify store. Think about your sales only. We’ll take care of the production, packaging, and delivery to your buyer. Boost Your Shopify Orders with our print-on-demand solution.

The reasons to choose Factory4me

  • A wide range of unique products which provide large profit margins.
  • An easy-to-use Mockup Generator
  • Ready-to-use templates, created by highly-qualified professional designers.
  • Automatic order synchronization

How does Factory4me work?

You create the products on Factory4me while using our online studio and then publish them in your store. When an order containing one of our products is placed in your Shopify store, it is automatically sent to us. Then our support team starts to work while ensuring both quick production and shipping.

Just a few simple steps to start sales

  • Click the “Get App” button
  • Create your account on factory4me
  • Add your billing data in order to automatically start production
  • Create a product with your own design and start selling.

Always branded!

Each of our products has both a care label and packing label, containing your brand's mark. Each order has a packing slip on your behalf. It's completely free! We are aware of the degree of importance in building a brand, therefore we’ll remain unnoticed for your customer. You are the only manufacturer for your customers!

Turn your ideas into sales and become one of our large custom product seller family members right now!

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The merchant must cover the cost and shipping charges for items sold

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I would have to agree with the statement that there is "no" customer support at all, But they do process orders, as I've had several orders fulfilled by them. I personally do not feel comfortable using this service any longer with no way to contact anybody if I have a problem with an order. The only reason I'm writing this negative review is in hopes that they will correct the problem because overall their products are good.

Creation Gifts

I have tried this app with no problems whatsoever, The previous 2 reviewers, firstly this app is not a scam whatsoever. As for customer support i have contacted them several times today and within mins vi their fb page they answered my queries. I think the products are amazing, the product customisation is as easy as 1,2,3 no extra customisation apps that cost. I am not in any way affiliated or work for this company. But praise in this case is justified and please try it, you wont be disappointed at all.


This would be a great App if there was anyone actually working there! There is NO customer support at all. They do not answer Emails, Website contact forms, Support on Shopify or their Facebook page. What a shame i was really looking forward to using this app on ETSY and Shopify..

개발자 회신

2019년 11월 15일

Sorry, but we have not received any requests from you. I carefully checked the incoming emails, FB messages, but I do not have any letters from you. The only thing I see is this review.