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Developed by Small Victories

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  • Creates short video ads from your product images to use in social media
  • Automate your marketing efforts so you can keep growing your business
  • Engage viewers with a combination of video and text, showcasing your product in an unbeatable way

Our app uses advanced video technology that allows you to easily generate slideshow-style videos from your products' images in seconds. The app takes product data and converts them into dynamic videos that capture the visitor's attention and boost viewer engagement, allowing your store to create a video for each of your products in a snap.

Dynamic Video Ads engage viewers with a combination of video and text, showcasing your product in an unbeatable way. Video has been proven to be one of the best formats for conversion.

How does the app work?

  • First you choose what video template you want to use.

  • Then, decide the aspect ratio you prefer: square, vertical or horizontal (great for YouTube).

  • Finally, choose what products to use from your product catalog.

  • Then the app will automatically create a mp4 video for each one of your selected products.

  • Once the process is completed, you will be able to download, preview or export the videos to other platforms.

Instagram, Facebook and Youtube Ready

Once created, you can easily add your product video ads to your Facebook Business Manager or Youtube Channel, ready to launch.

About us

Factory is built by Small Victories. We've been working with Shopify's platform for the last 5 years, helping thousands of store owners grow their businesses. We have published two successful Shopify Themes: Colors and California theme and one Shopify App: Duplicate.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@smallvictories.co.

Factory reviews

5 reviews
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When I first read the description I got so excited to use this. Only $1 to make a video, how can you possibly beat that!?

I suppose it does exactly what it promised it would do, maybe it deserves 5 stars simply because of that. The fact that there is absolutely no "EDITING" capabilities such as creating your own "text layers" over each image to give the video more depth or the ability to even "add" additional images for any customization needs, won't make it a good app for me.

I hope that so much more becomes of this app because I know for a fact it has so much potential to be popularly successful.


It's very seamless, within literal seconds I had a nice looking video I was able to export to Facebook/Instagram ads. Very clean and intuitive user interface. Overall very good app. Looking forward to added features.


This app is great, in a matter of mintues I published a nice video from my best selling product on my FB timeline. Excellent app, plain and simple, and does exactly what it claims to do.


This is a must-have! So simple and easy to use and works like a charm. I was able to easily add videos to my Instagram, and they look amazing. Support was very quick to respond to my questions as well. I highly recommend this app.


Brilliant app, easy to use and made my marketing efforts so much easier! For the price it's really worth it, nice not to have to pay monthly for an app for once!


Your first 2 videos are FREE.
Then you pay $1 for each new video.

No ongoing costs.


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