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Generate invoices with factureaza.ro



You only need to have a factureaza.ro account.

Easy to use

Connect your shop to factureaza.ro in a few simple steps and issue invoices with one click or even automatically.

Multiple shops

You can link multiple shops to your factureaza.ro account.

有關 factureaza.ro

About Invoicing with factureaza.ro

Our feature helps merchants to issue invoices from their shop or from their Shopify dashboard within their factureaza.ro account. Invoices can be issued and sent automatically to the customers. We support multiple invoice languages and currencies.

Our online invoicing service includes everything you need, from issuing a invoice to recording a payment. A user-friendly, all-in-one, accessible from anywhere and 100% compliant with the law solution.

You can extend your business to foreign customers. Invoices can be issued in English, German, Italian, French, Spanish and Hungarian.

We offer a selection of differently styled templates. Make your choice based on the client, purpose of invoice, service or product.

After authentication orders from your store are automatically taken over, to generate an invoice you must press the button: "Generate invoice". After generation, invoices will be visible instead of the "Generate invoice" button as links to invoices. Or in the invoices tab in your online-billing-service account. On the settings page you can set default values for your invoices (series, state, shipping etc.)


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